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Written Communication Skills

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Frameworks, techniques and guidelines that transform frontline phone agents into multi-channel champions who can provide outstanding customer contacts through the written word.

As more organizations push customer contacts to online channels, agents must learn the art of customer service through the written word. Through ICMI’s Written Communication Skills course, agents learn the most strategic ways to present email, chat, and social media correspondence, so customers have consistent and positive experiences with the organization.

Course Outline

Module 1 Email

In this module, we explore the foundations of writing an effective email. You’ll discover the components of an email framework and how each contributes to a successful correspondence.

  • Customer Expectations
  • Email Framework
  • Determine Your Response
  • Opening The Email
  • Inviting Interaction
  • The Conclusion
  • Quiz

Module 2 Chat

In this module, we’ll investigate the similarities and differences between chat and both email and phone interactions. You’ll revisit the core expectations of customer service and how they apply when providing customer service over chat.

  • Chat: What’s The Difference
  • The Core Expectations
  • Effective Chat Customer Service
  • Quiz

Module 3 Social Media

Social media is contributing to heightened customer expectations and this module reviews the impact it’s having on the contact center. You’ll discover the components of social customer service success and the key considerations required of you when posting to social media.

  • Rising Customer Expectations
  • Components of Social Service Success
  • Your Response: Key Considerations
  • Quiz

Module 4 Content and Tone Guidelines

The words you use and how you use them have a tremendous effect on how your message is received. This module uncovers how to write in a clear and concise manner that will be easily understood by your customer.

  • The Inverted Pyramid
  • Precise Words
  • Simple Explanations
  • Grammar and Spelling
  • Tone Guidelines
  • Quiz

Module 5 Grammar and Online Etiquette

Writing is not easy and we know that mistakes will happen. This module aims to alleviate some of the most common grammar errors, misused words, and etiquette faux pas.

  • Common Grammar Errors
  • Writing Confusables
  • Online Etiquette
  • Quiz