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Small Contact Center Workshop

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Having limited resources does not have to mean limited results. Managers of small centers must become masters of strategic planning, relationship building, agent education and motivation, forecasting and scheduling, and technology optimization. Learn how small contact centers can immediately achieve greater performance.

Who should attend
  • Managers
  • Directors
What you will learn
  • Characteristics of small contact centers
  • The advantages of being a small contact center
  • The challenges faced by small contact centers and how to manage them
  • Techniques to quickly execute process improvements, infuse innovation, delight customers, and emphasize your competitive advantage
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Course Duration: 1 Day

This is a 1 day instructor-led course delivered by ICMI Certified Associates. If you have questions about which course is right for you, an ICMI Account Manager is available to help. Complete the Request Information to speak with your Account Manager.

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Course Outline

  • The definition of a contact center
  • Profile of large contact centers
  • Profile of small-medium contact centers
  • 3 real challenges of small-medium contact centers
  • Small contact center advantages
  • 7 best practices for small contact center success
  • Scheduling in small contact centers
  • Technology tips for small contact centers
  • Customer experience competencies
  • The role of employee engagement
  • Having fun in the small contact center