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Motivation Through Collaboration

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Discover ways to build a positive contact center culture that will increase employee commitment, satisfaction and retention.

An inspiring call center culture doesn’t have to mean expensive benefits for employees. It’s much more about the relationships and positive work environment that you are able to promote. Through ICMI’s Motivation through Collaboration course, you’ll gain an understanding of the relationships and dynamics of culture and how it impacts employee commitment and performance. You'll also learn a framework for building a supporting culture under various organizational structures and conditions.

The course starts with an evaluation of your organization’s culture. You’ll define your culture and measure your current employee commitment and engagement levels. You’ll learn the importance of culture and how it makes an impact on performance.

Next, you’ll learn a framework that will guide you to building the type of culture that inspires employee commitment. By going beyond the typical rewards and recognition programs, although they certainly have their place in a positive culture, you’ll understand what really motivates employees. You’ll discover how leading by example, peer influence, trust and development are key components of creating lasting culture change.

What you will learn:
  • What culture is and its importance to the contact center
  • Define the current culture and take steps to improve it
  • Increase employee retention through a positive workplace
  • Build a supporting culture that increases employee satisfaction
  • Promote the ROI that culture programs have on commitment and performance to upper management

Course Materials
  • Printable slide presentation
  • Industry articles
      • AmeriCredit: Strong Focues on Values Promotes Positive Team Culture
      • Build Long-Term Loyalty from the Agent's Perspective
      • Combating the Negative Effects of Job Stress in the Call Center
      • The Role of Corporate Culture in Agent Commitment
      • The Rules of Engagement
      • Handouts
          • Sample Gap Analysis
          • Team Profile
          • What is Your Culture? A Self-Inspection



          Course Outline

          Module 1 Defining a Workplace's Culture

          • Commitment and engagement levels
          • Defined culture

          Module 2 Importance of Culture

          • Rewards, recognition, incentives
          • Motivation
          • Lead by example
          • Peer influence
          • Ensure trust
          • Purpose and self-respect
          • Raised expectations
          • Appreciation

          Module 2 Return on Investment

          • High performing workforce