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More than Metrics: Harnessing Data to Drive Performance - One Day

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In this popular course, we’ll take an introductory look at the key metrics we should focus on as contact centers. This will include a breakdown of metric accountability by level (identifying which metrics the agent’s impact, managers, directors, etc.), and how to best communicate results and performance to each respective group.

This course will answer a number of questions including: How do you explain the contact center’s performance to your executive and have it be meaningful? How do you explain to an agent that metrics are more than just a number?

Lastly, we’ll discuss emerging channels and the impact of social media and mobile on the contact center. This course will help to identify best practices, system capabilities, and key considerations for best serving customers in these new ways.

Course Outline

Module 1 The Purpose of Metrics

  • Uncover how to choose the metrics which best align with your contact center and organization’s goals, objectives, and strategy
  • Review the key principles which guide the appropriate use of metrics

Module 2 The Five Categories of Metrics

  • Identify the primary and supporting metrics within the categories of: Accessibility, Quality, Efficiency, Cost Performance and Strategic Impact
  • Reveal the appropriate use for each type metric

Module 3 : Using Metrics to Tell a Story

  • Explore best practices in developing scorecards, dashboards, and reports
  • Discover how to translate data into actionable behaviors and coaching opportunities

Module 4 The Future of Metrics

  • Evaluate the impact of social media and the mobile revolution on metrics
  • Investigate emerging trends, cutting edge technology, and innovative best practices for establishing and measuring metrics in these new channels