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Gain control and give a voice to your organization through the implementation of a comprehensive onboarding program

Investing in training does you little to no good if you don't have the right people in your contact center. The fate of your department and, ultimately, your organization, lays with the individuals responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding your new staff members. As the person who is ultimately responsible for these new employees, what are you doing to ensure that the quality of your candidates is aligned with your expectations for the position? Once they're hired, how are they acclimated them to their new environment? Lastly, do you have an effective process to review, modify, and implement changes to your hiring process to reduce inefficiencies and enhance effectiveness?

ICMI's Hiring and Onboarding online course begins by guiding you through the process of organizational design as it relates to the hiring process. You'll learn the importance of assigning appropriate reporting arrangements, defining job responsibilities, and keeping them all up to date.

Next, you'll discover the impact of the onboarding process on an employee's life cycle and how to make improvements to your current process. You might be thinking, "But, we don't have an onboarding program!" Be assured that somebody is "onboarding" new employees to your organization; you're just not in control of the messaging. Learn how to gain control and give a voice to your organization through the implementation of a comprehensive onboarding program. You'll identify how to integrate things like mentorships, coaching, feedback, and career path planning into employee development.

In an environment where the only constant is change, it should come as no surprise that the discoveries you'll make during ICMI's Hiring and Staffing course will need revisited and modified or changed over the course of time. Through this course, you'll learn how to establish a system that seeks continuous improvement and will enable you to proactively plan, prepare, and propel yourself into the future.

What you will learn:
  • How to identify the positions you'll need, the responsibilities that go along with each and how to keep them up to date
  • The factors and criteria required to identify and interview the ideal candidate pool
  • Your organization's onboarding process and ways to effectively create milestones
  • How to develop attractive career and skill paths that keep employees interested, engaged and productive
Course Outline

Module 1 Before They Walk in the Door

Module 2 Interviewing for What Matters

Module 3 Onboarding Doesn't End at Orientation

Module 4 Adopting a Cycle of Continuous Improvement