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Designing a Quality Program

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Learn a step-by-step process for designing a comprehensive monitoring program that will effectively attain continuous quality improvement.

The best monitoring programs boost quality, drive performance improvement initiatives, and increase agent performance and commitment. When done correctly, performance metrics will help ensure interactions that inspire customer confidence and loyalty. Through ICMI’s Designing a Quality Program online course, you’ll learn the whos, whats, whys and hows of successful monitoring. We’ll begin to show you how to evaluate your organization’s mission and quality objectives to create a plan that will help cultivate an environment of continuous improvement in your organization.

This course reveals the characteristics of the most effective monitoring programs and how to translate these best practices into reality for your contact center. Led by feedback from your peers in an ICMI monitoring survey, you’ll understand why you should monitor, who should do it, and how often. You’ll discover the details of how successful monitoring programs are structured so you can implement the best program for your center. Plus, we’ll teach you our proven eight steps that will guide you in building a program that achieves the results you want.

Whether you’re a new organization looking to develop a program from scratch or looking to improve upon a program in place, ICMI’s Designing a Quality Program course will put you on track for success.

What you will learn:
  • Why monitoring is so important: Measuring quality today and achieving tomorrow’s goals
  • Who should monitor: Working toward an approach that includes those at multiple levels of an organization
  • How often to monitor: Determining the frequency necessary to reach your company’s goals
  • ICMI’s critical eight steps to the right results
  • Emerging technology: The latest monitoring tools available and how to choose which fit your plan best

Course Materials
  • Printable slide presentation
  • Industry articles
      • E-Learning Meets Quality Monitoring
      • Innovative Trends in Quality Monitoring
      • Handouts
          • Sample Monitoring Form Design
          • Monitoring Purpose and Process Comparative Chart

          Course Outline

          Part 1: Designing a Monitoring Program that Achieves Results

          Module 1 The Big Questions

          • Ask why? Who? How?

          Module 2 8 Steps to the Right Results

          Module 3 Emerging Technology

          • Evolution of recording
          • Evolution of automated monitoring technology