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Creating Effective Monitoring Forms

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Learn how to create and best utilize the forms necessary for achieving your organization’s monitoring objectives.

In order to accurately gather the data needed to measure performance and tailor your coaching sessions accordingly, you need a reliable tracking mechanism. When developed to reflect your call center’s specific priorities, a monitoring form can be an excellent tool. It can serve as a record of interaction detail, provide written detail for coaching sessions, help organize data for call center performance analysis and act as a calibration instrument. ICMI’s Creating Effective Monitoring Forms coursewill help you develop effective monitoring forms and teach you how to use them to gather and interpret your call center data.

This course offers action-oriented advice on what your monitoring forms should include and what they shouldn’t. You’ll learn exactly what impact your monitoring forms could have on the accuracy of your quality program and how they can affect agent acceptance of feedback and ratings. Get a handle on how many forms you may need and the type of data to be gathered. And start using ICMI’s Six Steps to Monitoring Form Success to create forms that will invigorate your program by prioritizing and focusing on the right performance standards.

Whether you’re a new organization looking to launch a monitoring program from scratch or seeking to improve upon a program in place, ICMI’s Creating Effective Monitoring Forms course will put you on track for success.

What you will learn:
  • The definition of a monitoring form and why your organization needs one
  • How to best leverage call center data across your organization
  • The necessary components of a good monitoring form
  • How to create a scoring methodology to support your program’s goals
  • ICMI’s Six Critical Steps to Monitoring Form Success

Course Materials
  • Printable slide presentation
  • Handouts
      • Sample Completed Monitoring Form
      • Call Quality Assessment Form Instructions
      • Email Monitoring Form


      Course Outline

      Module 1 What Is a Monitoring Form?

      Module 2 Leveraging the Data

      • Individual performance and improvement
      • Contact center process improvement
      • Organizational process improvement

      Module 3 Spotlight on the Form

      Module 4 6 Steps to Monitoring Form Success