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Contact Center Agent Development Program

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Equip frontline agents with necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional customer service and contribute to contact center efficiencies by understanding the “how” and “why” of stellar service and basic contact center operations.

Designed to move agents beyond minimum standards into outstanding, knowledgeable contact center employees, the program will:

  • Increase customer satisfaction through agents who are thoroughly trained in how to exceed service standards
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and retention as agents better understand their contribution to the contact center operations and the entire organization
  • Develop a pool of qualified talent who will eventually move into supervisory and management roles
  • Train agents with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver enhanced efficiencies and service

Your agents have probably had the basic training that enables them to meet minimum standards. Through ICMI’s Contact Center Agent Development Program, you will enhance their knowledge of customer service and contact center operations to give them the tools they need to become outstanding agents.

The program not only delivers an understanding of the “why” behind agent duties, but elevates the professionalism of contact center employees. This leads to greater retention as reps change their thinking from a transitional job to a career destination. With each course of the program, agents will transform knowledge into action using the practice exercises, job aids and coaching toolkits that accompany each unit.

Flexibility of Delivery

Six independent and interrelated days of training allow for flexibility of scheduling. Because the material is modular, it can be delivered in segments or in full days. The program can be delivered via private virtual classes or at your call center via client site format.

Design Your Own Curriculum

The core program can be modified to meet your specific needs. Mix and match courses to deliver training for customer service only, service/sales, sales only or technical support representatives.

Optional Certificate Program

Certificates are awarded after all unit tests have been completed.

“Everything taught by ICMI during a one-day customized agent training course was immediately actionable – my team was able to implement new skills the following day and start driving improvements to the customer experience. ICMI remained engaged post-training through additional support and resources to make sure our investment continues to pay dividends. This was one of the best training experiences we’ve had, and will definitely look to ICMI for our next initiative!”

Devin Rahn
Director, Customer Insights and Support
Emerson Ecologics


Course Outline

1 Day - The Dynamic Call Center

  • Module 1: What Is a Call Center?
  • Module 2: Terms and Acronyms Part 1
  • Module 3: Terms and Acronyms Part 2
  • Module 4: Measuring the Call Center’s Success
  • Module 5: Measuring Your Success

1 Day - It’s All About the Customer

  • Module 1: Your Customers' Expectations
  • Module 2: The Value of Customer Satisfaction
  • Module 3: The Impact of Queues
  • Module 4: How Call Centers Operate
  • Module 5: Your Impact on Accessibility and Customer Satisfaction

1 Day - Managing Difficult Customer Contacts

  • Module 1: Who Are Difficult Customers?
  • Module 2: Key Considerations
  • Module 3: Saying “Yes” to Difficult Customers
  • Module 4: Saying “No” To Difficult Customers
  • Module 5: Managing Stress

1 Day - Managing Customer Contacts with Quality (Available in Customer Service, Sales and Tech Support Versions)

  • Module 1: Courtesies, Etiquette and Positive Language
  • Module 2: Greeting and the Impact of Tone
  • Module 3: Listening Effectively
  • Module 4: Controlling the Call
  • Module 5: Presenting the Solution

1 Day - Connecting with Customers through Email

  • Module 1: Email Framework
  • Module 2: Email Interpretation
  • Module 3: Service skills for Email
  • Module 4: Content and Tone Guidelines
  • Module 5: Grammar Skills and Netiquette

1 Day - Proven Inbound Sales Techniques

  • Module 1: Relationship-Driven Sales
  • Module 2: The Psychology of Buying
  • Module 3: Effective Questioning
  • Module 4: Handling Objections and Closing the Sale
  • Module 5: Upselling and Cross-selling