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Learn how and when to deliver positive feedback that will positively affect your employees for a dramatic change in contact center motivation and performance.

Effective coaching strategies are truly tested when employees are not working up to expectations. Managers who are able to positively influence people under difficult circumstances prove invaluable to their organizations by saving time, money and customers. ICMI can help you boost your skill set and confidence in this area.

Through ICMI’s Agent Coaching online course, you’ll discover how using praise and positive feedback increases acceptance of coaching and reinforces the right behaviors. Examine coaching challenges including employee resistance, stalled performance negotiations, and other behaviors along with the real-world techniques for eliminating them. Successful coaching begins with understanding the basic principles of consistent, positive communication and reinforcement. By imparting this knowledge, we’ll help you create an action-oriented plan that will transform the way you provide feedback to your contact center team members.

This 3-hour, online course provides a step-by-step outline of the coaching process, so you’ll know what actions to take at each point of a real-life interaction with trainees. Through the SAFE model, you’ll learn a simple method for delivering specific, concise feedback to employees, and experience improved employee motivation and commitment to your contact center’s objectives.

What you will learn:
  • 12 points you must remember when addressing concerns with employees
  • Developing a coaching process that will get you the results you’re looking for
  • The pros and cons of various coaching techniques and when to use them, including “on the fly” vs. “formal coaching”
  • Seven coaching pitfalls to avoid
  • The best and often missed opportunities to praise employees
  • Practical applications for integrating regular employee recognition into your coaching style

Course Materials
  • Printable slide presentation
  • Industry articles
  • Handouts
  • Coaching scripts
Course Outline

Part 1 Addressing Challenges in Agent Development

  • Module 1: Addressing Performance Challenges
  • Module 2: Sherlock Coach
  • Module 3: The Dirty Dozen
  • Module 4: Create SAFE Process

Part 2 Improving Performance Through Effective Coaching

  • Module 1: Benefits of Effective Coaching
  • Module 2: The Process
  • Module 3: A Model
  • Module 4: Evaluate Your Approach

Part 3 Inspiring Employees Through Positive Feedback

  • Module 1: Contact Center Psychology
  • Module 2: Positive Feedback
  • Module 3: Employee Engagement
  • Module 4: Finding Opportunities
  • Module 5: Praise Should Be...
  • Module 6: A Model for Praise
  • Module 7: Practical Application