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30th Anniversary Special Edition Content

3 Ways to Make Time for Ongoing Agent Training

Time is money. We’ve all heard—and likely said—this phrase hundreds of times. While there’s no denying that time is a valuable resource, this mantra rings especially true for customer service managers. In... Read More

Candidate Experience: Not Another Buzzword

People hate buzzwords and cliche business phrases. Through constant overuse (and misuse) they end up adding obscurity to the intent of original messages and inhibit effective communication. Over the past couple of... Read More

A Shocking Look at the Customer Experience in Utilities Companies

Customer expectations are always changing and evolving. To keep up, many companies are focusing more efforts on building a customer-centric culture, and driving Customer Experience improvements. While many industries have adopted an... Read More

8 Obstacles Preventing Brands from Delivering Excellent Social Media Customer Care

Facebook has been on the scene for nearly 15 years. Twitter? 12 years. According to a study by Mediakix, the average person will spend more than five years of their life on... Read More

Reality Check: Most Contact Centers Aren't Really Omnichannel

Even outside of work, we are all familiar with contact centers; they are the places we call when we feel unhappy, confused or annoyed by a brand, or when we need information... Read More

5 Priceless (and Free) Ways to Provide Employee Recognition

In today's labor market, attracting and retaining engaged employees is becoming increasingly difficult. The challenge is real and perhaps even more so in the contact center world.  How's this for a job... Read More

Four Ways to Win at CX-Focused Digital Transformation

One of the most significant business trends of the last few years, digital transformation, involves using the latest technologies to update a business service or process. Instead of simply replicating the service... Read More

4 Ways to Encourage Creativity in the Contact Center

During #ICMIchat this week, guest host Dr. Debra Bentson led participants on a journey to Amity Island. Inspired by Shark Week, she pulled out scenes from the movie Jaws and related them... Read More

Most Awesome Kindness Champion

In May I had the honor of giving the closing keynote at  ICMI Contact Center Expo. I talked about how practicing the skills of gratitude, kindness, and connecting to a sense of... Read More

Now Accepting Nominations for the First Annual ICMI Movers and Shakers List

ICMI needs your help identifying emerging leaders and innovators in the customer experience and contact center space. We want to shine a light on the hardworking, creative individuals who are inspiring excellence,... Read More

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