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Coaching as Critical Reinforcement to Self-Directed Learning

Contact center coaching is usually focused on improving performance but is often too directive; coaches are typically promoted from within and know how to do the job themselves, but haven't had any... Read More

How to Make the Case for an Investment in New WFM Technology

Contact center technology has continuously evolved over the last 20 years and can do more now than most people could have imagined. It's now well past the “call center stage” when the... Read More

How Wells Fargo Leverages Technology to Deliver A+ Service

Learn More About Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Delivery, Winner of the 2017 ICMI Global Contact Center Award for Best Use of Technology “Solid planning, project management, quality assurance, and release processes... Read More

The Omnichannel CRM Game

The Omnichannel CRM Game Working for a company that has integrated with a diverse range of CRMs (including custom ones) for several years, I’d like to share a bit of weary trade... Read More

Lessons Learned on the Road to Customer Service Improvement

Learn More About Alberta Pensions Services, 2017 ICMI Global Contact Center Award Winner for Most Improved Customer Service “Nice work on improving FCR scores. It’s clear that this team is forward-thinking, thoughtful,... Read More

Are Robots Killing Customer Satisfaction?

Throughout history, humans have distinguished ourselves by having powerful, passionate, and sensitive conversations with one another. We’re “programmed” to understand sentiment and ask nuanced questions to discover the root of a problem.... Read More

Troubleshooting Schedule Anomalies

It’s not always clear why a schedule goes wrong or why some agents get schedules and others don’t.  Troubleshooting a schedule run is a similar process no matter which WFM application is... Read More

How to Leverage Technology to Overcome Common Contact Center Challenges

Learn more about Jacada, winner of the 2017 ICMI Global Contact Center Award for Best New Technology Solution “Great concept that definitely meets a need within the industry. What’s done particularly well?... Read More

Your Customer Service Agent is on Vacation, But That's Okay

In many areas of the world, Fall is the loveliest time to travel. It’s less crowded than Summer, there are so many beautiful colors in nature, and the weather is usually cooperative!... Read More

How VRI Has Changed the Face of Healthcare

In the field of healthcare, new technology pushes advancement in terms of care, heightened patient engagement and elevated patient-provider communication. One such technology is video remote interpreting (VRI), which has significantly impacted... Read More

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Yes, and employees who work this schedule get 3 consecutive days off
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