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Setting Solid Contact Center Goals for 2019

We're well into the fourth quarter, which means we're focused on ensuring a strong finish to the year, as well as finalizing budgets and setting 2019 objectives. It's my favorite time of... Read More

Privacy vs. Personalization: What Every Contact Center Manager Needs to Know

In today’s customer experience economy, personalized interactions are a leading differentiator in creating meaningful touchpoints between you and your customers. Purchase history, channel preferences, communication style – the more you can demonstrate... Read More

Back to the Future: How to Align New Technology with Business Needs

The contact center industry is saturated with new technology companies that promise to be the next big thing. Yes, I'm a huge fan of technology, but technological adoption for the sake of... Read More

Featured Friday Articles: Week of November 5, 2018

There's never been a more exciting time to work in customer service, but delivering exceptional customer experiences requires continual learning. At ICMI, we're committed to equipping you with the tools, resources, and... Read More

Who is the Heart of the Company?

As a Training Manager and Director in different companies over the years, I used to tell my team that they were the heart of the company.  Why?  Because we had to know... Read More

Contact Center Predictions in Three Sizes

The end of the calendar year often brings with it the inexorable look into the crystal ball. It seems everywhere you look someone is touting that they know what the future holds.... Read More

7 Tips for Helping Agents Respond with Empathy (Even Under Pressure)

Contact volume spikes,  natural disasters, and power outages are all inevitable. Chances are, your contact center has experienced all three at some point. The most successful service organizations understand that planning is... Read More

How to Mitigate the Risks of Seasonal Contact Center Employees

Note from the editor: As we inch ever closer to the holiday season, many contact centers are in the midst of hiring and training temporary staff to manage higher contact volume. Unfortunately,... Read More

4 Things to Consider When Staffing for Peak Season

Holiday time is fast approaching. Have you staffed up? Being able to handle increased customer volume during peak season can make or break your success during a very lucrative time. With greater... Read More

What Diversity and Inclusion Mean for Employee Engagement

When I talk about customer experience, I also discuss employee engagement because the two are interconnected. To succeed at customer experience, you have to start with employee engagement. Sir Richard Branson, the... Read More

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