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8 Contact Center Pros Share Their Top Challenges of 2018

This week, #ICMIchat was all about reflection. We discussed top trends from 2018 as we pondered what they might mean for the future. We also asked participants to share the number one... Read More

7 Ways to Improve Schedule Adherence

I recall doing a consulting project for a large healthcare organization that was experiencing a vexing challenge common to diverse, multisite operations. Their customers (patients) were contacting different departments across the organization... Read More

4 Essential Resources to Read Before You Craft Your Contact Center RFP

You’re no stranger to RFPs. Love them or hate them, the undeniable truth is that they’re crucial to making informed business decisions about future vendors and partners. The purpose of a contact... Read More

Contact Centers are Staying Competitive by Adopting Real-Time Pay Technology

Between a tight labor market and changing employee expectations, it's increasingly difficult for contact centers to stay competitive. Data shows that adopting real-time pay technology can be the missing piece in the... Read More

5 Critical Elements of a Successful Contact Center Launch

Contact center implementation is an art and a science, and over 24 years in business, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to make the smoothest transition possible. Every milestone and every moving... Read More

10 Knowledge Management Best Practices That Lead to Success

How can you use knowledge to better support your customers and how would you know if you were successful in achieving that goal?   In this article, I am sharing some of... Read More

Mending a Broken Process

Processes are put in place to reduce ambiguity, help employees do their jobs well, and make it easy to deliver consistent service to customers. A process is a series of steps that... Read More

The Measures Every Contact Center Should Have

These key categories of measures and objective are as important for Facebook and Twitter interactions as they are for traditional contact channels. Establishing the right measures and objectives is one of the... Read More

5 Top Procurement Tips for Seeking an Outsourced Contact Center

Looking for an outsourced contact center partner is one of the most complex undertakings for any strategic sourcing professional. It requires a thorough understanding of the contact center world as well as... Read More

Skills-Based Routing: 5 Common Problems You Can Avoid

Skills based routing is getting renewed attention as contact centers expand services, add channels and, in general, require a more diverse range of subject matter experts. But you have to manage it... Read More

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