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Six Best Practices to Prevent Metrics from Crushing Your Culture & Morale
Successful customer service relies on effective operational analysis.  With the adoption of analytics, statistical analysis is more complicated than ever, but how the metrics are used determines the value of your insights. ... Read More

Going Beyond Efficiency to Customer Experience in Your Next Technology Upgrade
The big payoff for the company is leveraging tech for more problem prevention, proactivity and empowerment, not service efficiency. I was recently asked to review a forecast of technology trends and innovations... Read More

6 Tips for Approaching Employee Retention More Proactively
Research indicates that attrition rates rise during periods of organizational change. It’s one of the things that keeps plenty of contact center leaders up at night. Yet, most of us are still... Read More

How Trainers Can Overcome Obstacles to Learning
What is a trainer’s primary job? (Pick one) A.    Present content B.    Convey knowledge and skills to others C.    Make training fun D.    Facilitate learning activities E.    Remove obstacles to learning We... Read More

What Is Analytics-Driven Quality Management?
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Employee Engagement in the Contact Center
Job Satisfaction as a Proxy for Employee Engagement There is no universal definition of employee engagement, yet everyone seems to know what it means. How can this be? Although the term has... Read More

Tips for Improving Contact Center Culture
Business guru Peter Drucker's famous quote, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast," has been floating around LinkedIn and in CEO circles for years. In the contact center world, leaders and stakeholders are well-aware... Read More

5 Ways to Get Executive Buy-in on CX Projects
According to #ICMIchat participants, the most challenging part of the customer feedback process is acting on the feedback and closing the loop. To make matters more complicated, often times, executive support wanes... Read More

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