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Applying the Five Laws of Library Science to Contact Center Knowledge Management

Leaving a job in a library for a job in a contact center didn’t seem like a natural move at the time, but the more experience I gain, the more common ground... Read More

The Evolution of Self-Serve Customer Service

Ever have one of those days when you simply don’t want to talk to anyone? That day inevitably coincides with the renewed urgency of the task you’ve been procrastinating over: calling customer... Read More

2017 Trend to Watch: The Shifting Mix of Service Channels

Key take-away: Evaluate shifting mix of service channels specific to your customer base In 2017, customer interactions are expected to increase in all channels, however the percent mix between channels will continue... Read More

Bold Predictions: Where the Contact Center Industry is Heading in 2017

As we all settle back in after the holidays and begin planning for a new year, consider not only what you have planned but what these Top 50 Thought Leaders predict will... Read More

5 Easy Steps to Enhance Your Knowledgebase for Improved Customer Service

You’ve heard it before: “Knowledge is power.” “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” “The only source of knowledge is experience.” These sayings may seem simplistic but they speak to... Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Knowledge Base

An effective knowledge base can help deflect call volume, increase customer satisfaction, and be used as an ongoing training tool for contact center agents. A poorly designed knowledge base can lead to... Read More

Developing Content for Your Knowledge Base: Key Points

Knowledge bases are becoming very popular, both as internal tools for employees and as external tools for customers. But creating a knowledge base requires more than just purchasing the right piece of... Read More

How Knowledgebase Search Can Win You Millennial Customers

The future of online customer experience is self-service and optimizing your knowledge base search is vital to securing the loyalty of the emerging economic buying power — Millennials. According to Ad Age,... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: Self-Service in the Small Contact Center

Self-service can have a significant impact on a contact center of any size, but the impact is sometimes greatest for the small contact center. Directing customers to help themselves can reduce staffing... Read More

Self-Service: The Next Channel You Can't Ignore

Self-service is a common element of commerce that most of take advantage of on a daily basis – from self-checkout lanes at the grocery store to ATMs to Redbox – it’s become... Read More

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