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August 31, 2011

Would your call center be willing to add home agents to its workforce?

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Rose Polchin — 7:58AM on Sep 7, 2011

“While the concept isn’t new, it does appear (as evidenced by the responses at the time of this post) that many already have home agents and those who don’t are considering this option. It is always great (and important) to validate, learn and discuss all the people, process, technology and leadership aspects of a new initiative and so I am very excited that ICMI is going to be providing the opportunity to do just that via our new 3 part virtual seminar series on home agents. I plan on attending via the live sessions and a few via on-demand once they are available and am really excited to hear from a great facilitator, Jean Bave Kerwin and all of you!
Here is the link to the first of three sessions (you can reach the other two on this page near the bottom) http://www.icmi.com/Training/Courses/Contact-Center-Home-Agent-Management-Assessment-and-Strategic-Planning/2011-09-22-ICMI-Virtual-Classroom

I hope to “see you there!”

Have a great week!

Joy Sobhani — 11:58AM on Sep 7, 2011

Hard to believe that just a few years ago we added our first conference session on home agents, when many were curious but very few were actually doing it. Amazing how quickly advances in technology combined with cultural shifts and economic concerns have propelled home agents to the mainstream...

Linda Riggs — 11:37AM on Sep 13, 2011

Agreed, Joy. Although, I will say that I worked in centers as early as 1998 that were sending agents home. There were a lot more technological challenges then (hard-wired internet and phones, security, etc...). I'd be interested to hear from those who've recently implemented or who are considering it presently as to what challenges are top on their list now. I can't wait to participate in the new ICMI home agents class. I've seen sneak-peeks of it, and it's going to rock!

Jen Freund — 8:07AM on Sep 20, 2011

Thanks for the link Rose, sounds like they will be very interesting classes. I am looking forward to taking them.