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October 11, 2011

When your center wants to cuts costs, where is the first place it looks?

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Rose Polchin — 4:20PM on Oct 13, 2011

It would be an interesting discussion - How are these decisions made and what role do each of you as contact centers leaders play in this process? If any of you are heading to Orlando in November for our symposium, it would be great to have this conversation!

Linda Riggs — 12:13PM on Oct 18, 2011

Interesting that headcount is the first thing that goes now. In my day, training was the first budget cut. While I hate that headcount is cut, I'm glad to see training becoming more valuable.~lr

Jose Hernandez — 11:24AM on Oct 27, 2011

It does make sense to see Agents Headcount to be considered first when cutting costs; however, we need to understand the impacts by leveraging technology solutions. In many cases, I’ve found that training/coaching and process improvement initiatives often yield the bigger bang for our buck. First Call Resolution should be on top of these initiatives. Figuring out the cost of repeat calls that could or should have been resolved the first time around is imperative for Customer Satisfaction and Cost.