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May 20, 2011

What methods does your contact center use to get feedback from customers?

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Patrice Faye — 7:07AM on May 23, 2011

The question is very interesting, however, I wonder what result we can get by listing complementary feedback methods.
In my organization, we run systematic post contact surveys and contact reasons analysis (CS CRM data mining). We also target regular Customers feedback through different products or campaign related surveys, as well as monitor social media activities and feedbacks.
The idea is to gather and analyse as much as possible from all contacts/interactions types, whether answers to closed questions, but also (I'd importantly), compile and try to understand all open comments sent to us.
It is a challenging task, but very impotant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and practices. Patrice

Layne Holley — 5:49PM on May 23, 2011

Hi, Patrice -- that's a very robust -- program! Can you tell us who manages the collection and analysis? Is there a team around this?

Rose Polchin — 8:54PM on May 23, 2011

Hi Patrice,
Thank you for sharing. I echo Layne’s comment. It truly sounds like you have a robust approach to capturing both qualitative and quantitative feedback from your customers. The question I think you allude to answering in your response is not just how do you collect customer feedback, BUT what do you do with that data and information. What you described is a great process for gathering information from a variety of sources to ensure you not only hear what the customer is saying, but also looking for opportunities to improve processes, create new solutions and ultimately enhance the customer experience. One of the challenges with just doing a customer survey is that while you “hear” what the customer thinks and/or wants, you don’t have the data to show what they actually do (behavioral data) which is why I applaud your process of combining the customer survey data with the more transactional, “behavioral” data from your CRM system.
The industry has done a great job of moving forward on “VOC –voice of the customer” initiatives which is more of the customer voice/qualitative piece as well as the CRM component (the more transactional, quantitative data) and both, even on their own are extremely valuable, but as you indicate the true value comes from utilizing both to do the analysis and confidently say something like (and this is just an example), “Top box scores customer satisfaction scores equates to $125 incremental revenue per customer per year...” Challenging as you point out, definitely, worth it? I think most would agree with you that it is.

Linda Riggs — 1:19PM on Sep 13, 2011

Hi Patrice!
I just have to say WOW! So great to see you are doing this! Questions: How large is your contact center? Who manages the data analysis, and who receives the reports? What types of changes have you seen since implementing this model?