Never Stop Saying Thank You
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Never Stop Saying Thank You

Pretty simple and easy tip today – always acknowledge anything done on your behalf. When you show appreciation, people want to do more for you. The more you say thank you, the more you get. The restaurant employee who fills your water glass? Quit ignoring him/her and say thanks. The boss who gave you a promotion or a raise? Write a thank you note. An introduction or a lead on a new client? At least send an email thanks. This little boy knows to say thank you – even if someone did just give him an avocado for a gift.

Watch the video below. Makes me laugh every time.

One of the keys to successful networking is to constantly do things to help others be successful without ever expecting anything in return. That in no way means you don’t have to say thank you when someone does anything for you. When you stop saying thanks, opportunities (and gifts) stop coming your way.


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