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4 Ways to Use Analytics to Achieve CX Excellence
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Empowering Agents with WFO Portals Improves Contact Center Performance
We’ve all seen it happen in contact centers. New key performance indicators (KPIs) kick-off with conviction but eventually fade into the background as agents’ focus returns to the immediate task of serving... Read More

Five Unique Ways Call Centers Use Automation to Improve the Customer Experience
Keeping the customer experience top of mind with your contact center agents and managers is an ongoing effort. The following examples demonstrate how contact center leaders are using real-time automation to empower... Read More

How to Recruit and Retain Customer-Centric Employees
In many organizations, the teams supporting customers typically recruit more often than any other department. Continually hiring can be challenging. The process of finding the right employees capable of doing the job,... Read More

Answers to Two Common Questions on Contact Center Industry Standards
Why I Love and Appreciate Questions from our Community– Part One As we enter the second half of 2019, I want to thank everyone who asked me a question in 2019, 2018... Read More

6 Examples Demonstrating the Connection Between Employee Empowerment & CX
To celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S., our #ICMIchat for the week was all about freedom--for employees, that is. A small but mighty group of 15 customer service professionals gathered together... Read More

How to Create a Digital-first Omnichannel Agent Experience
In our digital era, it seems each day brings a new way to connect and communicate. From the proliferation of text, chat, and messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, today’s consumers expect... Read More

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