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Multichannel Challenges for the Enterprise Contact Center: Bigger Doesn’t Mean Easier

Date: Monday, October 14, 2013

Speakers: Madelyn Gengelbach, Sarah Stealey Reed


Watch or download the Educast below.

Learn the 3 biggest challenges facing the enterprise contact centers as well as solutions for those challenges.

ICMI and inContact sought to better understand how the contact center intended to use emerging channels to improve the overall customer service experience and increase customer engagement. In the third quarter of 2013, we surveyed 525 contact center professionals. In this research there was an emphasis on the activities and objectives around supporting customers in a multichannel environment, with an additional correlation of each emerging channel back to experience, efficiency and engagement.

In this short but powerful Educast, we look specifically at the challenges affecting the larger multichannel contact center, the enterprise.


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Madelyn Gengelbach

Marketing Intelligence, inContact

In her role as Director of Product Marketing at inContact, Madelyn is responsible for managing the product lifecycle that include product definition, go-to-market strategies, market research, product positioning and messaging. Prior to joining inContact, Madelyn worked for Fortune 50 firms to small startups, including Sprint, Hallmark Cards, and H&R Block. During that time she’s worked in Marketing, Product, Sales, and Operations. Madelyn has worked in and managed teams in blended call centers at Hallmark and Sprint.

Sarah Stealey Reed

Sr. Manager, Workplace Services Call Center, Deloitte Services LP

Sarah Stealey Reed is Senior Manager for the Workplace Services CallCenter at Deloitte and is a member of the ICMI Advisory Board. She has over 18 years of global expertise in the areas of operations, offshore outsourcing, customer experience, and contact center management. She is an influential strategic leader who has built contact centers from the ground-up, fiscally managed them to support growth, and acted as a turn-around specialist for struggling metrics and employees. Her expertise is in building the operational baseline, while improving and maintaining an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. A consistent and amazing customer experience regardless of location, language, tenure, or channel is her mantra.

Formerly, as the Content Director for ICMI, Sarah was responsible for the editorial content and community strategy for icmi.com. She’s a writer, blogger, and social poster, and often speaks on Customer Support and Emerging Channels at national events and through online webinars.

Sarah can be reached, followed, liked, or shared through:

Twitter: @stealeyreed


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