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5 Tips for Getting CX Back on Track

Between sports practice and homework, it was a typically busy weeknight. We were hungry, but tight on time, so my family and I popped into a tried and true restaurant for a... Read More

3 Ways Customer Experience Can Drive Revenue Growth

There has never been a better time to be a consumer. The digitally-driven experience economy has resulted in unprecedented ease in comparing – and switching between brands. To delight customers and stand... Read More

Interview: Secrets to Incredible Customer Service with Paul R. Jones

When it comes to customer experience, there’s a lot of cross-over between the hospitality industry and the contact center industry. We’re both in the business of earning a customer’s repeat business through... Read More

Answers to 7 Burning Contact Center Questions

You asked. We delivered. Watch this short #ICMIchat recap video for answers to the following contact center questions: How can trainers influence executive leadership to realize the importance of training and make... Read More

Making Scripts Understandable Is as Easy as A-E-I-O-U

The caller is onboard. The customer service representative (CSR) is onboard. And it's your job to roll out a script that delivers answers in plain language. The beginning is the easy part:... Read More

Are Your Customers Leaving? Here are 9 Reasons Why

Customer retention and loyalty programs are becoming more prevalent as brands try to leverage customer service as a competitive differentiator. To better understand how to keep customers, it's helpful to know why... Read More

How to Best Leverage Live Chat Mobile Customer Support

It's all about the customer experience. Few businesses survive that don't work for the customer. New terminology in the world of customer service revolves around CX, the "customer experience," and it has... Read More

The Value of Emotive Customer Experiences

The logical mind versus the emotional heart - every time we make a decision these two forces go to battle. However, according to the book 30-Second Brain, feelings provide the basis for... Read More

6 Tips for Rebuilding Trust After a Service Failure

Mistakes are inevitable, but in today's experience economy, the stakes are high. One bad customer experience can result in lost revenue, negative publicity, and irreparable damage to your reputation. So, what's the... Read More

Is Your Social Media Customer Service Helping or Hurting Your Customer Experience?

We're almost to the mid-point of 2018, and it still amazes me that many brands either have no social customer service or ineffective social customer service. For the record, contacting brands on... Read More

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