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Practical Ways to Boost Customer and Employee Satisfaction

In my early days as a contact center leader, I was obsessed with metrics. In my defense, metrics were the primary way to evaluate my success in the role. I measured everything!... Read More

Ways Contact Center Agents Can Help Shape a Customer-Centric Culture

Most companies claim to have a customer-centric culture, but how many customers would agree? This week, #ICMIchat participants discussed all the ways contact centers can rally their organization to become more customer-centric.... Read More

4 Omnichannel Metrics to Add to Your Dashboard

In the contact center industry, every organization wants to be data-driven. As a customer-facing company, having the numbers and metrics to support your business value is essential. But what we often have... Read More

3 Lessons Disney Can Teach Contact Centers

Disney has a longstanding reputation for delivering magical customer experiences. How do they do it, and what can contact centers learn from their approach? In preparation for ICMI Contact Center Expo, we... Read More

Customer Service Tech Trends That Will Thrive and Die in 2018

Technology in today's Age of the Customer is simultaneously increasing customer expectations and making service more complex. In the last few years, smarter algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), self-service channels and analytics have... Read More

Building the Ideal CX Dashboard

Improving your customer experience (CX) requires more than just listening to your customers. You must understand your data and what is behind the numbers before you can take action to optimize the... Read More

Contact Center Metrics ARE Customer Experience Metrics

We’re rapidly approaching three years since I joined FCR as Head of Quality. Upon joining, I was tasked with a couple of key objectives. The first was to gauge our quality performance... Read More

5 Steps for Responding to an Angry Customer

Working in customer service is a stressful job. Payroll, purchases, inventory, market share, etc. take the lion's share of our daily tasks. But, there's one thing I left out: the customers. No... Read More

Why Survival Mode Kills the Customer Experience

Do you ever feel like you're in "survival mode," running from one crisis to another, just trying to get through the day? The moment you stomp out one fire, the sparks start... Read More

Putting Together the Customer Loyalty Puzzle

Loyalty, defined by, is a faithful adherence to someone or a cause. When talking about customers, the ultimate act of loyalty is a renewal. Measuring loyalty as it happens is easy.... Read More

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