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Leaders: How are Your Daily Behaviors Impacting Your Team?

Every leader has an impact, every day. Do you have a positive impact, defensive impact, or somewhere in between? Research over the past ten years shows that a leader's impact is powerful... Read More

How to Foster Culture on a Distributed Team

As more and more teams explore the option of remote work or flexible schedules, we get this question. What's the best way to build culture on a distributed team? We examined this... Read More

How to Scale Your Culture as Your Contact Center Grows

What is culture? In my mind, it is the principle that will guide employees to behave in a certain way - the operative term being, guide, not force. Culture is also the... Read More

6 Ways to Include the Whole Company During Customer Service Week

Taking place the first week of October, Customer Service Week has become a popular celebration for contact centers across the country. The festivities don't have to stay confined to the contact center,... Read More

Agent Motivation That Works (Hint: Avoid Formulas)

The most successful contact centers have environments that are motivating, and fun to be part of. But how do they do it? Let me begin with a cautionary note on incentives. I've... Read More

7 Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week

Established as an official celebration in 1992, Customer Service Week takes place during the first week of October. It's the perfect time to reflect, celebrate, and reaffirm a commitment to the customer... Read More

Ways to Avoid Contact Center Agent Burnout

Working in a contact center can take a toll--physically, mentally, and emotionally. How do you avoid agent burnout in a nonstop contact center where 10-minute "logouts" aren't necessarily an option? #ICMIchat participants... Read More

5 Priceless (and Free) Ways to Provide Employee Recognition

In today's labor market, attracting and retaining engaged employees is becoming increasingly difficult. The challenge is real and perhaps even more so in the contact center world.  How's this for a job... Read More

Most Awesome Kindness Champion

In May I had the honor of giving the closing keynote at  ICMI Contact Center Expo. I talked about how practicing the skills of gratitude, kindness, and connecting to a sense of... Read More

Now Accepting Nominations for the First Annual ICMI Movers and Shakers List

ICMI needs your help identifying emerging leaders and innovators in the customer experience and contact center space. We want to shine a light on the hardworking, creative individuals who are inspiring excellence,... Read More

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