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One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways for you to stand out from your competitors is to win industry awards. - Entrepreneur Magazine

The ICMI Global Contact Center Awards is the most highly regarded recognition platform for customer service centers of all sizes, from all sectors - public or private. The benefits of entering this Awards program extend far beyond picking up one of the illustrious trophies in May. Here are 8 reasons why you should enter.

1. Raise your profile

Across all sizes and types of organizations, every ICMI Global Contact Center Award winner and finalist gains from international exposure through a co-ordinated PR campaign - and raised profile among some of the most influential people in business, and government, who attend the award ceremony in May.

In 2017, the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards can offer unique PR and marketing collateral through articles and interviews written by our Content team, Justin Robbins & Erica Strother. In addition, some of our event media partners highlight finalists in their magazines and report on the results following the event.


2. Measure your performance

Entering the awards will assess the strength of your entry against others in your category. We represent the whole call center and customer service industry, so by entering you will be able to gauge how your business compares against the very best.


3. Acknowledge your team's efforts

In the busy world of call centers, achievements can be easily forgotten. The process of completing the entry form allows you to pause and consider what (and who) contributed to your success and where you can go from here. Finalists are strongly encouraged to attend the Awards Party and celebrate success with their team.


4. Land new customers

Customers like to be associated with a winning company, and potential customers often make their purchasing decisions based on the decisions of other businesses like theirs. When prospective customers see that you've won an award, it can sway them to choose you over your competition because you're seen as a stable and high-quality company.


5. Retain existing employees

Winning awards can improve employee morale. When employees are proud of their company's achievements, they have an excuse to tell prospects and customers why you won a particular award. If they're selling your product, it makes their job easier because of the "stamp of approval" from an unbiased source.


6. Attract new employees

Awards can actually help you attract the best new employees. People are drawn to award-winning businesses because they want to work for a winner. During a recession, potential employees are looking at awards and company rankings to determine who will prosper in the future.


7. Celebrate your achievements as a team

Celebrate your and your team's success by attending the Awards Party May 23 at Contact Center Expo & Conference held at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort near Orlando, FL. A fantastic event and opportunity to meet and network with people from other successful businesses.


8. Join a network of exceptional organizations

The ICMI Global Contact Center Awards community is comprised of exceptional organizations and individual. Want to share your views, brainstorm ideas or connect with award-winning peers? Join the prestigious network of ICMI Global Contact Center Awards finalists and winners.