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Michael Pace
Principal and Owner, The Pace of Service

Incredibly fortunate, by his own admission, Michael wakes up each day envisioning how he can inspire companies to create environments, journeys, and actions that help make their customers more successful. He believes wildly successful companies start with successful customers and associates. In 2012, he started and built a consultancy through strong values, discipline, and sharp customer focus. Since then, he has built awe-inspiring experiences resulting in worldwide leading customer experience scoring for a variety of industries and organizations.

As he puts it:
I engineer monumental and awe-inspiring customer experiences; I build cathedrals of customer experience. Starting with a solid foundation of Culture, the Best Talent, Process Management, the Right Technology, and Data Insights, I construct the pillars of a customer experience strategy for your contact center or customer care teams, and deliver awe-inspiring experiences.

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