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Network with Peers

"It was amazing to be around so many people in the industry. It was exciting and invigorating. To share my perspective and to get so many other perspectives helped me learn and grow. - Jenny Dempsey,

Expand your Knowledge

"I learned so much and I have come back to my contact center with new enthusiasm and great ideas for improvement." -Lonnie Gridley, Contact Center Director, Progressive Finance

Evaluate Technology

"A great way to compare vendor offerings in a single venue, to evaluate their products and the
people behind them." - John R., ThinkDirect Marketing

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences in a Complex & Changing World

We’re in a new era of customer experiences that’s placing demands on organizations like never before. For contact center leaders, the importance of leveraging the right technologies, delivering service in the most effective channels, and balancing people, processes, and automation is at an all time high. Also, the pace of service requires companies to respond and adapt quickly or fi nd themselves left behind. The stakes are high, and the need is great. Attend ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference to discover the tips, tricks, and best practices that your contact center can implement today to ensure that your organization delivers exceptional customer experiences in a complex and changing world.