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Boost Your Culture

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Ideas to tackle the tough issues of hiring, mentoring, coaching, and motivating.

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Session 102

Fostering Culture in a Virtual Workplace

Tuesday | 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Summerlin Ballroom F
Julia Heitner

Gone are the days of working 9-5 at a desk in the office. Virtual and remote teams are more popular than ever. Creating and promoting culture in non-traditional environments can pose challenges--it's more difficult to promote culture when you are unable to do it face-to-face. Organizations can't just expect culture to happen naturally, it's important to put forth the additional effort required to cultivate strong relationships amongst teams regardless of location. What does this necessary extra effort look like? Is it leveraging video conferencing? Skype? Face-to-face visits? As a cultural steward for her organization, Julia can attest to the fact that often it is simply their feeling of not being forgotten. In this session, she will discuss the importance of an inclusive culture--how to keep employees engaged in culture, mediums for communication, time zone and multi-cultural considerations as well as accessibility.

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Session 202

Contact Center Training Strategies for the Digital Adult Learner

Tuesday | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Summerlin Ballroom F
Doug Taylor

We all understand the importance of using adult learning principles in contact center agent training.
However, today's "digital" adult learner expects more than traditional principles in their training. They have become accustomed to learning skills when they need them rather than in advance of their need. We need to adjust our contact center training to mirror the way today's agent learns outside of work. This session will look at the approaches that the training industry is taking to meet the needs of the "digital learner", such as micro-learning and gamification, and show how these approaches can be combined with adult learning principles to produce agent training the makes a difference in performance. Participants will leave this session with actionable ideas for how to combine traditional adult learning principles with the latest trends in the training industry to create training programs that make a difference in agent performance.

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Session 302

It's Complicated: Fostering an Effective Relationship between Customer Service and Marketing

Tuesday | 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM
Summerlin Ballroom F
Leslie O'Flahavan

Like any modern relationship, the one between marketing and customer service is complicated. Marketing needs to know a lot more than they do about what it's like to work in their company's contact center. Until they understand what frontline customer service agents do all day, and how they do it, marketing managers will continue to make the same dangerous mistakes. They'll keep launching marketing campaigns without giving the customer service team enough information or enough lead time. They'll publish content that looks pretty but is difficult to read or use, or they'll continue to think they "own" social channels, when the contact center is better prepared to answer customers' questions and solve their problems there. On the flip side, contact centers need to know more about marketing, too. Customer service agents and their managers need to feel empowered to share feedback, suggest product improvements, and advocate on customers' behalf. They need to work together. Companies that provide the best customer experiences have mastered this level of collaboration. How do they do it? We'll share case studies, tips, and best practices you can use to bust down silos and start collaborating effectively.

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Session 402

The Secrets to Building an Award-Winning Service Culture

Tuesday | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Summerlin Ballroom F
Erica Marois, Beth Gauthier-Jenkin, Mary Beth Jenkins, Marcus Stein

How do some contact centers deliver standout service, while others struggle to hit their stride? There's no secret formula for creating a high-performance service culture, but there are a few common characteristics of award-winning teams. This interactive panel will bring together ICMI Global Contact Center Awards winners who have achieved success through a culture of engagement. Learn what they do differently and leave with a roadmap you can use to make meaningful change in your contact center.

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Session 502

The Future Workforce: Prepare for These 21st Century Trends

Wednesday | 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM
Summerlin Ballroom F
Dianne Durkin

As we begin 2018, we near record lows in unemployment and a younger generation is setting new trends in job retention. The workforce is endowed with power, and there is increasing demand for creativity and innovation to provide a balancing customer experience. Businesses find themselves in a position of accessing readily available talent with new-style loyalty needs. This session will outline the benefits and particular needs of the 21st century workforce; and focus on trending loyalty initiatives and how to strategically insert them into both Organizational Culture and Customer Experience. Competition is fierce. Attend this session to ensure your organization will attract and retain excellent talent and maximize customer relationships, all the while keeping employees productive, profitable, and most importantly, loyal.

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Session 602

How to Scale Your Culture as Your Contact Center Grows

Wednesday | 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Summerlin Ballroom F
Matt Beckwith

Clark Pest Control was started in 1950 by Charles Clark and has evolved from one man and one truck to being one of the largest and most successful pest control companies in the United States. Their growth has been fueled by exceeding client expectations with the most effective pest control in the world and by truly putting the customer at the center of what they do. As a field services company first and foremost, with technicians visiting customers' homes and businesses every day, Matt will show how his organization scaled up to rapid growth by building an amazing contact center to support a talented group of field technicians. It is a story of how they grew from disparate groups of employees simply "answering calls" to an operation around a well thought out contact strategy and deployed a contact center that has allowed the business to continue to thrive and grow.

"Lori Bocklund - My favorite presenter in a session - smart, funny and filled with great information. Please keep her on the rotation of speakers at your future conferences."

Jennifer Stowell, Sales Support Supervisor, REI


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