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Achieve Metrics Nirvana

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Learn the latest approaches to analytics, customer effort measurement, ROI, big data, and communicating results. .

Session 101

Analysis Paralysis? We've Got the Cure!

Tuesday | 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
S Hemisphere 1
Cheryl Helm

Contact center systems are built to product massive reports containing TONS of data. On their own, these are often just a useless pile of numbers. The result is that contact center managers pour a great deal of time and effort into turning these reports into practical action items and reports that are easy to understand and act on. This session will provide a plan for transforming data into useful information by creating meaningful metrics in five key areas: accessibility, quality, efficiency, cost, and strategic impact. You will learn how to assemble and identify the measures needed for all levels of the organization.

Session 201

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Agent Training

Tuesday | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
S Hemisphere 1
Jeff Toister

You've trained your agents, but is it working? Finding the answer doesn't require a PhD in advanced statistics! You'll learn proven training evaluation techniques in this hands-on session from a former contact center training leader and Certified Professional in Learning and Performance. Discover simple models you can use to measure training for a single agent or an entire program. Explore why the post-training survey is generally ineffective plus alternatives that yield far better data. Identify ways to translate training results into metrics that capture the attention of your executive leaders.

Session 301

Finding the Balance in Contact Center KPIs

Tuesday | 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM
S Hemisphere 1
Amber Krueger, Nick Stenberg

Many key contact center metrics are often at tension with each other. How does the contact center identify the sweet spot for effectively achieving balance between things like quality and efficiency? In this session, you'll hear how US Bancorp Fund Services fine-tuned their contact center KPIs to ensure that they struck a sustainable balance in the metrics that matter most. This session will highlight why they measure what they measure and the positive impact that they've seen over the years.

Session 401

Level Up! How Game Techniques Can Drive Performance

Tuesday | 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
S Hemisphere 1
Patrick Russell

Gamification works because it addresses the motivations and desires in all of us, including the need for community, for feedback, for achievement, and for rewards. In the contact center, concepts like badges, leveling-up, and points have proven effective in motivating teams, accelerating onboarding, improving service, reducing handle times, and even increasing sales performance. In this session, you'll hear examples of game play techniques that improve performance.

Session 501

Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Measure

Wednesday | 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
S Hemisphere 1
Neal Topf

2017 research from ICMI indicates that, above both price and product, most executives view the customer service experience as a key competitive differentiator. When it comes to metrics that effectively measure whether or not an organization is delivering on the customer experience, what is better than insights that come directly from the customer? In this session, you'll hear tips and tricks from Callzilla on how they leverage Voice of the Customer insights to inform their customer experience strategy.

Session 601

Designing Reports that Inspire Results

Wednesday | 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM
S Hemisphere 1
Debra Bentson, Janet Casterella, Erica Marois, Rhonda Manski

When it comes to communicating the key metrics with your team, how do you ensure that the information is meaningful, actionable, and easy to understand? The answer is in the design of your dashboards and scorecards! In this session, you'll hear from a range of contact center leaders to discover tips, tricks, and industry best practices for developing and utilizing effective dashboards and scorecards. If you want to see better results from your KPIs, this is the session for you!

Session 701

Applying Metrics Across New Channels

Wednesday | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
S Hemisphere 1
Justin Robbins, Tracy Dudek, Emily Cramer, Bassem Hanna

As the contact center expands beyond traditional channels, one of the greatest challenges can be translating metrics and standards to new contact types. In this interactive panel, you'll hear from contact center leaders on how they're driving consistency in their performance measure across all channels and where they've had to adapt - or change directions entirely - to ensure that they can always measure the things that matter most.

“The conference was well organized and provided a variety of training sessions that I found very valuable. I enjoyed the keynote speakers, as well as being able to discuss best practices with my peers from other call centers.”

Sherri Bramwell , Quality Manager, OptumRx

   © 2018 UBM, All Rights Reserved.

   © 2018 UBM, All Rights Reserved.