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Case Studies

Gain Invaluable New Techniques and Process Improvements from Industry Practitioners and Well-Known Organizations

Session 101

Journey to Driving Operational Effectiveness

Tuesday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Summerlin Ballroom A
Scott Van De Wiel

Starting in 2016, with a service level of 21%, an average speed to answer of over 8 minutes and an abandoned rate of 27%, American Family dug deep into analyzing what was driving service levels – focusing on the demand of calls along with who the supply of FTEs were be utilized. This session will cover what was done to determine their gaps and how American Family is has been meeting service level goals of over 80% for the past 6 months. Scott will share how this was achieved through specialized analytics and building agent scorecards to reduce shrinkage.

Session 102

Fostering Culture in a Virtual Workplace

Tuesday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Summerlin Ballroom F
Julia Heitner

Gone are the days of working 9-5 at a desk in the office. Virtual and remote teams are more popular than ever. Creating and promoting culture in non-traditional environments can pose challenges--it's more difficult to promote culture when you are unable to do it face-to-face. Organizations can't just expect culture to happen naturally, it's important to put forth the additional effort required to cultivate strong relationships amongst teams regardless of location. What does this necessary extra effort look like? Is it leveraging video conferencing? Skype? Face-to-face visits? As a cultural steward for her organization, Julia can attest to the fact that often it is simply their feeling of not being forgotten. In this session, she will discuss the importance of an inclusive culture--how to keep employees engaged in culture, mediums for communication, time zone and multi-cultural considerations as well as accessibility.

Session 105

5 Ways Accelerated Learning Can Improve New Hire Training

Tuesday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Charleston Ballroom B
Sheri Kendall-duPont

Accelerated Learning (AL) is not just about using music in training, hanging up posters, or playing games - AL is a systemic, integrated methodology that supports instructional designers, facilitators, and trainers, in creating meaningful learning experiences. In this session you will learn 5 ways to apply AL to boost the effectiveness and speed of new hire training. Learn how to build a soft opening that create connections to the content, facilitator, and each other; how to build activities that require movement; strategies to get the sage off of the stage and allow learners to create knowledge; design activities that allow your learners to jump in and try things; use visual design strategies to increase the power of your message.

Session 203

Equinix: VOC-Inspired Experience Transformation

Tuesday, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Charleston Ballroom A/F
Raj Sahota

Join Raj as he shares how Equinix is partnering with its customers on an ambitious, multi-year journey to transform their customers' experience. From revamping digital engagement platforms to simplifying business processes, Equinix is listening to customers and taking action based on their feedback to build a truly differentiated, world-class customer experience.

Session 205

How to Solve Peak Hours and Queues with an Uber Approach

Tuesday, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Charleston Ballroom B
Todd Hixson

Whether you're a small, medium or large contact center the staffing challenges to meet the demands of both the business and your staff while delivering outstanding service are the same. In many markets, recruiting has become a challenge with agents wanting to work "when they want to". This session defines what types of queues work for blending - through combining an 'Uber' type on demand scheduling approach and blending queues, the challenges can be solved. The outcome will be ensuring right contact to right agent in the right media with happier campers in the seats can be realized.

Session 303

Simplifying Customers' Lives with Conversational AI

Tuesday, 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM
Charleston Ballroom A/F
Kris Wong, Charlie Schrier

With customers busier than ever, the cornerstones of every great customer experience have become valuing customers' time and minimizing their effort. In fact, customer effort is the key predictor of loyalty and increased spending so it is no wonder that brands everywhere are trying to impact that metric however they can. A top ten US insurer, Legal & General recognized that customers' needs were evolving towards more simplified experiences. On a mission to make customers' lives easier, Legal & General identified conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a solution to free up valuable time for customers while providing a simple and easy customer experience. This session will explore the forces that led customer expectations to change, how conversational AI helps simplify customers' lives, and why the innovative program at Legal & General America has been so successful.

Session 306

The Metrics Culture – Measuring Across the Organization

Tuesday, 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM
Charleston Ballroom E
Ryan Bradley

Join Ryan as he shares Selective Insurance's unique culture around analytics and share their analytics dashboard solutions. Ryan will share their approach to gaining buy-in from 10 different contact centers as well as validation process for queries. In this session, you will hear specific examples such as customer sentiment review, priority dashboard, compliance dashboard for specific regulations and emergency/immediate supervisor escalation dashboard.

Session 403

Improving Agent Productivity with an Effortless Agent Experience

Tuesday, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Charleston Ballroom A/F
Laurie Simpter, Daniel Foppen

The effortless customer experience has been the guiding mantra for customer service strategy for the last decade. Countless new processes, technologies, approaches and architectures have been developed to make that customer experience as connected, seamless and pleasant as possible. What's next?

Three years ago, Pier 1 Imports began streamlining the customer's journey while their online channel went through hyper growth period. The company realized that the biggest hurdle to an effortless customer experience was in fact the agent experience. Pier 1 decided to dedicate all efforts to building an effortless agent experience instead of the customer experience. The results were nothing short of dramatic.

Come to this session to learn about Pier 1 Imports' amazing journey and their business results. You'll understand the principles of an effortless agent experience and what the contact center of the future will look like for contact center professionals.

Session 405

Reimagine Team Training—Do Better WorkTogether

Tuesday, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Charleston Ballroom B
Bryan Naas, Joshua Streets

Change at work is happening at a breakneck pace. Working and training are no longer discrete events—they happen simultaneously. Customer services teams must adapt to win in highly competitive environments, and they need a practical, time-tested approach to help them do it. U.S. Cellular will share their approach to how their employees learn, practice, and perform at work. You will learn ow to achieve goals by using uncomfortable situations, how to use learning to cut your onboarding time by 50% and why agents experience a 38% higher NPS score when learning is involved.

Session 503

Bridging the Gap to Create a Personalized Customer Experience

Wednesday, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM
Charleston Ballroom A/F
Emily Cramer, Scott Kolman

If an agent provides outstanding customer service, the consumer will walk away with a positive outlook on the brand. This can most easily be achieved when agents are given access to the right tools and insights to provide the customer with a personalized experience. However, one in every five contact centers has no visibility into a basic understanding of the customer. In this session, Five9 and Penn Foster will share how they were able to step back and review things from the perspective of the customer and to understand the role the agent can play in providing consistent, relevant and easily digestible communications for a better customer experience and satisfaction.

Session 505

Achieving Global Operational Benefits by Moving to the Cloud

Wednesday, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM
Charleston Ballroom B
Doug Klees

MoneyGram International, a global provider of money transfer services was looking to consolidate the operations of their 11 locations around the world, servicing 13 million calls annually. They decided to replace their aging on-premises system with a cloud contact center solution. In doing so, they realized substantial benefits including increased system uptime and reliability, decreased AHT, improved quality management effectiveness, and gained better insights into customer satisfaction. Join them in this session and find out why they decided to move their contact center to the cloud and how they implemented that to achieve these outstanding operational improvements.

Session 602

How to Scale Your Culture as Your Contact Center Grows

Wednesday, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Summerlin Ballroom F
Matt Beckwith

Clark Pest Control was started in 1950 by Charles Clark and has evolved from one man and one truck to being one of the largest and most successful pest control companies in the United States. Their growth has been fueled by exceeding client expectations with the most effective pest control in the world and by truly putting the customer at the center of what they do. As a field services company first and foremost, with technicians visiting customers' homes and businesses every day, Matt will show how his organization scaled up to rapid growth by building an amazing contact center to support a talented group of field technicians. It is a story of how they grew from disparate groups of employees simply "answering calls" to an operation around a well thought out contact strategy and deployed a contact center that has allowed the business to continue to thrive and grow.

"I enjoyed hearing how other Call Centers operate and what they do in certain situations."

Brian McKenna, Account Services Supervisor, New Balance


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   © 2018 UBM, All Rights Reserved.