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More Resources

Looking for additional resources? ICMI offers a wide variety of resources to fit your call center needs.


Additional books available via hardcopy and eBook touching on all aspects of the call center.

Research Reports

Comprehensive research studies covering key areas of concern within the call center.

Complimentary Whitepapers

Designed to educate and inform on timely trends and issues that impact call center professionals.

Complimentary Webinars

Providing education and insight on a variety of call center topics via one-hour online segments.

ICMI's Call Center Buyer's Guide

The most comprehensive online resource of call center vendors. ICMI's complimentary Buyer's Guide is your one-stop shopping tool for call center technologies and solutions.


Need to analyze your call center’s operational costs? Account for every interval of your agent's day? Perhaps utilize Erlang C and Erlang B calculations? We've got it all.


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