Making the Most of Customer Service Week

Working in customer service and technical support is often a thankless job. Agents, analysts, and technicians work under stressful conditions, fielding complaint after complaint often with little to no praise from customers or management. While a one week celebration can’t solve all the challenges of boosting morale, Customer Service Week is certainly a great time to reflect on achievements and celebrate successes.

“Customer Service Week is a great opportunity to show our staff how much we appreciate their efforts,” said Leadpages' Sean Hawkins. “I would suggest polling staff to determine what their interests are. After all, the idea is for them to have fun. Whether you spend lots of money or little, it is the spirit of giving back that matters most.”

Still not convinced? Watch as these customer service leaders share their perspective on why and how to best celebrate Customer Service Week.

We hope this site helps your team prepare to celebrate, but more than anything, we hope you use this week as a time to reset, renew, and inspire greatness all year long. As author Steve Curtin points out, the spirit of Customer Service Week shouldn't end on October 6.

“What’s one cool, low-cost way teams can celebrate this year? How about committing to celebrate the customer every week of the year by consistently expressing genuine interest in serving them?” said Curtin. “It costs nothing to smile, make eye contact, add energy to your voice, display a sense of urgency, pay attention to detail, anticipate needs, follow-up, etc.”

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