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Quality Plus Callscan

QPC Global Partner

Quality Plus Callscan

QPC helps some of the world's leading companies to improve their contact centres - reducing costs, increasing revenues, enhancing customer satisfaction and positively influencing virtually every key performance indicator.

These business and operational benefits are achieved using elements of our 360º workforce optimisation solution, both individually and in combination, which enable organisations to better assess, develop and deploy their most valuable assets - their people. Our 'best of breed' system portfolio encompasses all aspects of workforce optimisation including workforce management, quality monitoring, performance management, eLearning and skills management. Every system we provide is recognised as a market leader in its own right and has a proven track record of providing tangible business benefits. In addition, QPC's unparalleled experience of integration also enables these systems to work together to create effective solution combinations with greater operational efficiency and an incremental return on investment.

Quality Plus Callscan
Mulgrave, Australia
Fax: +61 3 9239 5699
Email: seminars@qpc-ap.com
Website: www.qpc.com/ap


Do you currently offer 4 by 10-hour shifts?

Yes, and employees who work this schedule get 3 consecutive days off
Yes, but employees working this schedule aren't guaranteed 3 consecutive days off
Yes, but we give employees working this schedule days off that match customer demand/volume
Yes, but we are experiencing productivity and quality concerns due to fatigue
No, we don’t offer this schedule option
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