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Empowering contact center excellence for 30 years!


GMtel is a Portuguese private company established in 1999, focused in the business of Contact Center consulting and training services.

We believe that the main challenge for today Contact Centers is quality with superior performance, and our approach to consultancy and training is directed towards the best fit of the three basic elements of a Contact Center: people, processes and technology.

For the last years we have been developing our consulting and training activities in close partnership with our customers. We have a team of senior consultants with sound experience in leadership, coaching, communication skills, process improvement, assessment centers, and call/contact centers workforce management, operations, quality assurance and technology.

At GMtel we have detailed knowledge about the particularities of the Portuguese and Spanish markets in terms of culture, work regulations, management skills and trends.

We are very proud to become ICMI Global Partner and add ICMI knowledge, expertise and quality to our offer for the Portuguese and Spanish Contact Center Industry.

ICMI Training courses offered
Essential Skills and Knowledge for Effective Contact Center Management
Monitoring and Coaching for Improved Contact Center Performance
Smart Strategy = Strong Leadership: An Executive Workshop on Contact Center Strategic Planning
Workforce Management: The Basics and Beyond

Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 761 34 70
Fax: +351 21 761 34 71


Do you currently offer 4 by 10-hour shifts?

Yes, and employees who work this schedule get 3 consecutive days off
Yes, but employees working this schedule aren't guaranteed 3 consecutive days off
Yes, but we give employees working this schedule days off that match customer demand/volume
Yes, but we are experiencing productivity and quality concerns due to fatigue
No, we don’t offer this schedule option
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