Measuring Contact Center Effectiveness

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Find out which metrics are the most important to identify, measure, track, improve and communicate to make the biggest impact on the effectiveness of your contact center.

Metrics help you define and measure progress toward contact center goals. They are the quantifiable measurements that reflect the critical success factors of your center. Through ICMI’s Measuring Contact Center Effectiveness, you’ll determine which metrics you should be tracking to support your contact center strategy, the relationship between those metrics, and how to analyze the accrued data to improve you operations.

The metrics you measure tell everyone in your organization what’s important, so you’ll start by defining the metrics that reflect your strategy and how you can use them to drive behavior. You’ll also go through six metrics themes that will guide you in measuring what matters.

Next, you’ll study five major categories of metrics, including quality, accessibility, efficiency, cost performance, and strategic impact. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the primary and supporting metrics for each category and the correct use of these metrics.

You’ll learn how these key metrics are interrelated and how, using sample reports included in the course, to report your progress. Through practical, proven techniques, you’ll leverage key metrics findings so you can identify the root causes of inefficiencies in order to make corrections for improvement. You’ll also be able to quantitatively highlight your successes, as well as the contact center return on investment throughout your organization.

Designed for directors, managers, analysts, and supervisors who are responsible for measuring and reporting and who want a deeper understanding of the metrics that drive contact center strategy, including:

  • Setting key performance indicators
  • Calculating, choosing and evaluating service level
  • Evaluating quality through monitoring
  • Measuring forecast accuracy
  • Determining overall contact center return on investment
  • Quantifying impact of service delivery on customer satisfaction

Course Materials
  • Printable slide presentation
  • Industry articles
      • A Five-Step Performance Development Plan for Revving Up Call Quality
      • Are Agents Delivering on the Promise Your Company Makes to Customers?
      • Avoiding Conflicting Objectives
      • Call Center Budgets: Volume Related vs. Fixed
      • Call Center KPIs: A Look at How Companies Are Measuring Performance
      • Communicating Call Center Dynamics to Senior Management
      • Discover Why Contact Center Quality Doesn't Measure Up - And What You Can Do About It
      • Establishing and Meeting Call Center Performance Objectives: Part 1-3
      • Focusing on First-Call Resolution
      • Forecast Accuracy: The Most Important Metric You're Not Measuring
      • How Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are Evolving
      • ICMI's Service Level Report: A Look at Service Level measurement in today's contact center environment
      • Identifying Key Risk/Opportunity Tradeoffs
      • Maximizing the Value of Your Call Monitoring Program
      • Measuring and Improving Performance
      • Measuring the Customer Experience
      • The Employee-Customer Satisfaction Link
      • Understand the Employee-Customer Satisfaction Link for Positive Impact
      • Understanding How Queues Behave
      • Validating Performance Measurements
    • Handouts

    Measuring Contact Center Effectiveness was excellent. Learning more about the drivers that should be key vs. secondary in the contact center and why was extremely useful. The content we learned will help to further strengthen our program.

    Karen Greco, Sr. Manager, Service Quality, Albridge Solutions

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    Course Outline

    Module 1 Understanding Metrics

    • Reports and benchmarking can be misleading
    • Metrics are interrelated
    • Begin with your strategy in mind
    • Customer, business and employee needs

    Module 2 Accessibility

    • Calculating service level
    • Choosing your service level
    • Evaluating service level
    • Response time
    • Abandonment
    • Average speed of answer vs. service level

    Module 3 Quality

    • Evaluating quality through monitoring
    • Evaluating quality through customer feedback
    • The cost of errors and rework
    • Defining first contact resolution
    • Common pitfalls when measuring first contact resolution

    Module 4 Efficiency

    • Measuring forecast accuracy
    • Setting adherence to schedule goals
    • Understanding occupancy
    • Managing average handling time

    Module 5 Cost Performance

    • Performance against budget
    • Choosing a revenue KPI
    • Evaluating cost per contact
    • Determining average call value
    • Overall call center return on investment

    Module 6 Strategic Impact

    • Quantifying impact of service delivery on customer satisfaction
    • Assessing employee satisfaction
    • Calculating turnover
    • Supporting activities

    Module 7 Application

    • Interrelated measures
    • Reporting
    • Ongoing communication
    • Example reports

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