Mastering Contact Center Financials: Strategies for Planning, Measuring, and Reporting

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September 23-24
Las Vegas


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Learn how to develop and manage an effective contact center budget.

Managing a call center budget is not just about hitting your numbers. In addition to cost performance, you must still reach your goals in quality, efficiency and strategic impact. Call centers typically have larger budgets that have a bigger impact to the business and require more coordination of multiple departments; this course breaks down these specifics. Plus, you will gain the knowledge of accounting and finance required to build a business case to earn support for expediters by promoting the value of the call center’s contribution to the organization.

This intensive two-day course is designed to provide contact center professionals with a solid understanding of strategic analysis to make better decisions and improve performance through planning and building a strong contact center budget, measuring overall financial performance, and reporting results back to the business. Discover tips to think and act like a CFO and successfully communicate important metrics like cost per call, adjusting fixed costs, and revenue per call.

Walk away with call center budget templates, cost models and Excel tips to make real, sustainable, bottom-line financial impact. Participants will also come away with practical, proven techniques for measuring hard-to-measure things like the value of a training, quality, and workforce management program ROI. Further, you’ll be able to understand how to quantify the contact center’s contribution to customer loyalty.

This course is designed for managers, directors, and executives responsible for call center financial performance that have a solid understanding of contact center planning and operations. It will equip you with strategies to:

  • Secure the funds necessary to effectively and efficiently manage a call center
  • Evaluate the financial performance of your call center
  • Provide tools to assess the effectiveness of resource utilization
  • Maintain focus through budgeting on each area of operations regarding a call center:
    • Accessibility
    • Cost performance
    • Efficiency
    • Quality
    • Strategic value
    • Establish communications with key financial stakeholders (e.g., CFO) that will gain understanding and support of the budget

    Course Materials
    • Printable slide presentation
    • Industry articles
    • Handouts
        • Budget templates
        • Financial models
        • Excel Tips

        This course helped me to understand what goes with managing a budget with success. Not only to put in place the indicators that will help measuring financial performance, but also how to influence the decision making process of budgeting. I found this course to be very helpful for managers who have to consistently increase the value of their department, look for innovative solutions and communication, and constantly strive for delivering the best customer experience.

        Matthieu de Chalus, Director of Travel Assistance, Europ Assistance USA

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        Course Outline

        Module 1 Planning and Budgeting

        • Difference between planning and budgeting
        • Why centers budget
        • Planning the budget and the need for a solid forecast
        • Types of expenses and how to categorize
        • Creating an annual budget and securing support

        Module 2 Tracking the Budget

        • Comparing actual to budget
        • Analyzing variances
        • Taking actions based on variances
        • Continually assess and refine

        Module 3 Financial Performance

        • Financial performance vs strategic performance
        • Evaluating costs from different perspectives
        • Hidden costs
        • (Often) un-credited contributions
        • Revenue measurements
        • Ratios and other useful tools

        Module 4 Interaction with Key Performance

        • Strategic drivers
        • Using KPIs to focus activities that support financial and strategic performance
        • Interrelationship of KPIs
        • Conflicting KPIs

        Module 5 Using Funds

        • Gaining support
        • Busy season = spend more
        • Choosing projects

        Module 6 Promoting the Center

        • Value contribution of a call center
        • Key processes the center can impact
        • Creating the business case
        • Defining benefits
        • Tools for improving
        • Measuring success
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