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Contact Center Supervisor Leadership Development Program

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Equip call center supervisors with leadership skills that strengthen their role as the critical link between strategic goals and tactical performance.

Too often, managers promote their best agents to be supervisors without equipping them with vital new leadership skills that will determine their success in their new job role. Through ICMI’s Contact Center Supervisor Leadership Development Program, supervisors will increase their overall level of contact center knowledge and gain a common focus for the work that they do.

The program combines the fundamentals of the call center’s unique operating environment with general leadership and coaching skills to provide call center supervisors with a curriculum that is specifically suited to them. Through this development program, supervisors will learn the skills necessary to lead their teams to success.

The program delivers a deeper understanding of the management principles of the contact center and elevates the professionalism of the contact center supervisor. This leads to greater retention as supervisors clearly see the impact of their positions and the career paths to which they lead. Supervisors will complete the program with a greater understanding of the results they are being asked to achieve and why they are so important.

Designed for newly promoted supervisors, as well as those with more experience, who need further training in the fundamentals of the call center’s unique operating environment and who need to:

  • Understand the basic management process and how it relates to service level and quality
  • Be able to interpret real-time management information
  • Monitor and coach to create a performance improvement culture
  • Master people management skills needed to be an effective and professional supervisor

Flexibility of Delivery

Four independent and interrelated days of training allow for flexibility of scheduling. Since the material is modular, it can be delivered in segments or in full days. The program can be delivered via classroom or at a client's site.

Design Your Own Curriculum

The core program can be modified to meet your specific needs. Mix and match courses to deliver training for customer service supervisors or team leaders.

Optional Certificate Program

Certificates are awarded after all unit tests have been completed.

"This program has helped me see my team in a different light. I can use their different strengths to both their advantage as well as the call centers. This course will make me a better supervisor and eventually a manager."

Steve Bennett, Supervisor

Course Outline

1 Day - Contact Center Fundamentals

  • Module 1 – The dynamic call center profession
  • Module 2 – The planning and management process
  • Module 3 – Interpreting real-time management information
  • Module 4 – The relationship between service level and quality

1 Day - Monitoring and Coaching

  • Module 1 – A performance improvement culture
  • Module 2 – Performance standards
  • Module 3 – Monitoring
  • Module 4 – Coaching

2 Days - People Management

  • Module 1 – Interviewing and onboarding
  • Module 2 – Motivation and retention
  • Module 3 – Communication
  • Module 4 – Managing teams
  • Module 5 – Time management
  • Module 6 – Stress and change management

If your organization has multiple centers to support 18-24 hour live service across all time zones, how do you schedule agents?

All agent schedule options are represented in all centers regardless of the centers’ time zone.
All agent schedule options are aligned with the centers daylight hours (i.e. an East coast center might schedule agents between 6am – 8pm EST).
A combination: all centers offer all schedule options for 18 of 24 hours and one location covers the 3rd shift.
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