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A stand-out classroom experience that gives contact center agents the basic understanding of the principles of customer satisfaction and how the contact center plays a critical role

Agent actions directly influence the customer experience. Through ICMI’s It’s All About the Customer classroom course, agents will gain insight into how their role as the ears, voice and personality of the company makes an impact on customer satisfaction and profitability.

In competitive industries, the quality of customer service received is as important as the quality of the product itself. Agents will learn that customer service is a primary driver of continued purchase and customer loyalty. Using a list of universal customer expectations, agents will identify and define each expectation and how it can be used to increase customer satisfaction.

Agents will move on to define customer relationship management and grasp how it fits into a company’s business strategy. They’ll learn how CRM efforts can be guided through 12 key principles and how agents, as the ears, voice and personality of the company, are vital to the relationship-building process. Through case studies and exercises, they’ll put the 12 principles to work.

Now that there is understanding of how customer satisfaction affects the entire company, agents will examine the three roles that they personally play in satisfying the customer. Agents will explore the concepts of wait time, call load and accessibility. The lesson also includes the three driving forces of contact centers and how they affect service levels and quality. Finally, agents will put all of the pieces together to discover how they can personally affect service levels through adherence.

What you will learn:
  • Understand how customer service is a primary driver of customer loyalty
  • Realize the value of customer service to the entire company
  • Grasp the concepts behind adherence and how it impacts the customer
  • Appreciate how agent skills and knowledge benefit the customer

Course Materials
  • Printable slides
  • Handouts

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Course Outline

Module 1 Your Customers' Expectations

  • Identify universal customer expectations
  • Determine your customers’ expectations
  • Recognize how agents build customer relationships

Module 2 The Value of Customer Satisfaction

  • Explore the link between customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Identify how representatives can contribute to satisfaction or dissatisfaction

Module 3 The Impact of Queues

  • Describe the three driving forces of call centers
  • Understand the implications of the driving forces on customers and call centers

Module 4 It Takes a Forecast

  • Explain the relationship of quality call handling and service level
  • Describe how using the correct telephone work states can impact accurate workload forecasts

Module 5 You Make a Difference

  • Identify how staffing is determined in call centers
  • Describe the relationship between service level and occupancy
  • Explain the importance of following the assigned schedule
  • Understand the impact agents have as an individual on customer accessibility
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