Contact Center Stress Management: Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions

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Learn the essentials of stress impact and stress management to keep your contact center team charged up without burning out.

Is your contact center buzzing right along or sleepy and sluggish? Or is it on out-of-control overdrive? With too little stress, boredom sets in. But too much stress causes anxiety and burnout. Through ICMI’s Contact Center Stress Management: Signs, Symptoms & Solutions course, you’ll be able to gauge the energy level of your contact center and head off any stress buildup so you can retain more valuable employees who are more productive.

You’ll first examine the common causes of stress and learn reasonable ways to cope with them, including 90 ways to revitalize and re-energize. The top ten workplace stressors often seem magnified in a contact center environment. You’ll learn how the top ten are affecting your center, as well as contact center-specific action steps to take at the team level.

What stresses one person might not stress another. You’ve learned how to manage stress at the team level, but you’ll also need to manage stress on an individual level. Through stress type case studies, you’ll learn to recognize the five stress personality types, allowing you to help each employee prepare a personalized plan for coping with stress. You’ll learn how each stress type is best managed, so you can develop a strategy for stress relief.

The constant change in the contact center is one of its biggest stressors. In this course, you’ll learn to use a change management worksheet to identify the challenges you face and which are non-negotiable, negotiable or controllable. Next, you’ll look at the phases of change that your team will go through and how you can use communication to make changesbig and smalleasier.

What you will learn:
  • Examine the effects of stress, including the results of too much stress, as well as what happens when there is too little stress
  • Uncover the common causes of stress and ways to realistically cope with them, including more than 90 ways to manage stress
  • Learn the various stress profiles that individuals will fall under and how to manage stress for each profile
  • Manage change in a positive and productive manner that will reduce stress and errors using a “Take Charge of Change” worksheet

Course Materials
  • Printable slide presentation
  • Industry articles
    • Combating the Negative Effects of Job Stress in the Call Center
    • The Human Side of Stress Relief
    • Handouts
      • 90 Ideas for Revitalizing and Energizing Yourself
      • Resource List
      • Stress Factor Checklist
      • Taking Charge of Change Worksheet

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      Course Outline

      Module 1 The effects of stress

      • Eustress vs. Distress

      Module 2 Common causes of stress and how to cope with them

      • Top ten stressors in the workplace

      Module 3 Events

      • Social
      • Environment

      Module 4 Stress profiles and the variety of ways to deal with stress

      • Three stages of stress

      Module 5 How to help yourself and team members prevent and/or manage stress

      Module 6 Managing change to help reduce stress

      • The five vital skills to manage stress

      Module 7 Additional resources on stress and change management

      • Recognizing stress in the workplace
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