Contact Center Coaching: A Practical Approach to Getting Results

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Start building a coaching culture that improves agent and customer satisfaction with a proven coaching model that you can implement immediately.

Without coaching, the time and money you spend on training and monitoring will have little impact on your contact center’s performance. Effective coaching that uses a proven model will turn your training and monitoring efforts into actions with measurable impact on performance.

Through ICMI’s one-day Contact Center Coaching classroom course, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to implement the SAFE coaching model, as well as build the confidence to coach all aspects of agent performance, including coaching in difficult situations.

Through the SAFE coaching model, you’ll learn a simple, step-by-step method for delivering specific, concise feedback to employees, so you’ll know what actions to take at each point of the coaching session.

Through role play, you’ll examine coaching challenges to fine-tune your ability to coach through difficult or sensitive situations. You’ll also discover – and practice – how to use praise and positive feedback to increase acceptance of coaching and reinforce the right behaviors. You’ll discover how often you should be praising and develop a model you can use to quickly and easily deliver praise that will inspire excellent performance.

What you will learn:
  • What coaching can do and what kind of return on investment to expect.
  • The role of a coach and common coaching challenges.
  • The fundamentals of praise and using praise as a motivator.
  • The role of feedback in correcting performance.
  • The development and use of the SAFE coaching model.
  • The fine-tuning of personal coaching skills.
  • Measuring the success of coaching initiatives.

Course Materials
  • Printable slide presentation
  • Handouts
      • Coaching Exercises
      • SAFE Coaching Model Handout
      • COACH Process Handout
      • Coaching Scorecard

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    Course Outline

    Module 1 The Case for Coaching

    • Defining Coaching
    • What can coaching do
    • Coaching return on investment

    Module 2 Your Role As A Coach

    • The Basics
    • The Role of a Coach
    • Common Coaching Challenges

    Module 3 The Fundamentals: Praise and Correction

    • Identifying Opportunities to Praise
    • Praise as a Motivator
    • Using Feedback to Correct Performance

    Module 4 Coaching Tools and Techniques

    • A coaching process
    • The SAFE coaching model
    • Preparing to Coach Guidelines for the coach
    • Preparing to Coach: Guidelines for the agent
    • Difficult Coaching Situations

    Module 5 Take a Holistic Approach to Coaching

    • Utilizing Coaching to:
    • Develop Skills and Improve Performance
    • Create a Positive Call center culture
    • Obtain Agent buy-in
    • Communicate Metrics
    • Assist in Managing stress
    • Discuss Career and Skill Paths
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