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Breaking Up is Hard to Do (But Shouldn't Be)

In my early 20’s I dated a young lady we will call “C”.  “C” and I were together for a few years and actually thought about hanging in for the long haul.... Read More

5 Ways to Scale Your Customer Service Without Sounding Robotic

Customer service is a vital part of becoming a successful business. But one of the biggest challenges of customer service is that as soon as you get things set up, they change... Read More

Workforce Management Metrics that Impact Your Organization's Culture

Workforce management or workforce magic? That is the question… There are several definitions of organizational culture, all mostly stating the same concepts around leadership, vision, values, etc. However, I found Wikipedia’s definition... Read More

Strategy is the Brain of the Organization, Culture is the Heart and Soul

Culture is a fragile thing.  And in the contact center it can make the difference between an exceptional customer experience and one that completely turns the customer off.  The relationship between the... Read More

Can Uber's Surge Pay Model Work in the Contact Center?

It’s rare to have a conversation about company culture without hearing the name Zappos.  Many leaders aspire to be more like Tony Hsieh, CEO of the online retailer, and countless job seekers... Read More

5 Ways to Build Service Rep Confidence

Nothing tanks quality scores faster than service reps who lack confidence. There's also a direct correlation between rep confidence and AHT. Hands get raised and customers, sensing the doubt, begin to question... Read More

Successful Contact Center Incentive Programs Start with Automation

So, there’s buzz in the contact center around a new incentive program to improve agent performance and engagement. Then, maybe a month after kick-off, everyone returns to their busy daily routines and... Read More

Elements of an Effective Incentive Program

Today, managers have greater challenges then years past with retaining employees and keeping them engaged. According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee stays at his job... Read More

Speech Technology: Mining the Information Gold Rush

Knowing there is gold in the hills is one thing, but extracting it is another. In the early stages of the 1800s gold rush miners used shovels, pick axes and brute strength.... Read More

Actions Speak Louder Than Data

When I think about this week’s topic: “turning data into actionable data,” I find myself going back some years to a moment when, definitely one of the most formative bosses I have... Read More

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