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Speech Technology: Mining the Information Gold Rush

Knowing there is gold in the hills is one thing, but extracting it is another. In the early stages of the 1800s gold rush miners used shovels, pick axes and brute strength.... Read More

Actions Speak Louder Than Data

When I think about this week’s topic: “turning data into actionable data,” I find myself going back some years to a moment when, definitely one of the most formative bosses I have... Read More

#CCExpo14 Thought Leadership Panel: WFO Technology

What's the difference between workforce management and workforce optimization? In this thought leadership panel from Contact Center Expo and Conference our expert panelists share their thoughts on WFO, and share the tools... Read More

The Quality Revoluion--Key 4: Foster the Human Connection

A Quality Revolution has been emerging in the last two years, transforming underleveraged and underperforming Quality & Call Monitoring Programs into predictors and drivers of performance improvement. The centerpiece of the revolution... Read More

High Value Talent Analytics Projects: Fishing or Solving Business Problems

Over the years, our firm has had many discussions with employers on the eve of a new talent analytics project. Often, it is the firm’s first deep-dive look at employee data. Sometimes... Read More

From Human Screen to Machine: Predictive Analytics Helps Avoid a Major Point of Hiring Failure

Note from the editor: Join Greta Roberts at Contact Center Demo and Conference .  She'll be speaking in Session 304: Reducing Call Center Attrition Through Predictive Analytics . What is an employer’s... Read More

Dont Sweat Metric Perfection in the Multi-channel Environment

For workforce management professionals, the ultimate goal is control over the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel, schedules and the resources that connect them. The workforce manager’s primary task is to ensure that... Read More

Finding Your Balance with Workforce Optimization

In early 2014, ICMI made a set of predictions to help contact center leaders focus their upcoming customer service initiatives, resolutions and projects. Now that we’re halfway through the year, it seems... Read More

The Times They Are A Changin'

“Come gather 'round peopleWherever you roam…For the times they are a-changin'.” – Bob Dylan In life, there is only one constant: change.   You’ve witnessed this to be true at home and at... Read More

The Quality Revolution: 5 Keys to Transforming Your Quality Program

There’s a dirty little secret among sales and service contact centers: Most Quality Programs don’t work. There, I’ve said it. The secret’s out. They don’t measure, predict, or contribute to success in... Read More

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