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Boosting Standard Productivity for Your Workforce: Smart Strategies for Global Contact Center Growth

No matter how small or large a company’s contact center ecosystem, it relies on the human factor to succeed. On a global scale, the stakes are sometimes even higher. In this digital... Read More

ICMI.com Monthly Top 5: March 2015

This year we launched the ICMI.com Monthly Top 5 series.  It's our way of keeping you up to speed on some of the most buzzworthy topics in the contact center industry. We're... Read More

Addressing Contact Center Surges Starts By Preparing in Advance

Imagine the chaos during peak times for customer service: florists on Valentine’s Day, retailers during the holidays, tax planners around April 15th and the application period for online schooling. One of the... Read More

WFM: No Longer a Goliath for Small Contact Centers

Contact centers come in all shapes and sizes. I’d like to focus on the small contact center.  Let’s first define “small” in the context of contact centers for the purpose of our... Read More

Operational Success Index: Where to Measure Forecast Accuracy

In part one of this article series we established how each team within the workforce management practice affects the outcomes and success metrics of the call center. Last week in part two,... Read More

#ICMIchat Recap: WFM Challenges for the Small Contact Center

Managing a small contact center comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities--especially when it comes to forecasting, scheduling and staffing. That's why we devoted an entire #ICMIchat this week... Read More

Tackling the Challenges of Small Contact Centers

Kicker: Small contact centers face big challenges. Here are ways you can meet them successfully. Small contact centers—those with fewer than 50 agents (and, yes, they can get much smaller, e.g., there... Read More

The Non Voice Contact Center: The Same, But Different

Customers want choice and convenience.  They want the companies that they deal with to be where they are, when they need them.  Yet, we are not there.  According to Dimension Data while... Read More

Video: Costs and Causes of Contact Center Attrition

Attrition is one of the biggest challenges contact centers face.  Can you relate? In this video I share two of the main causes at the root of attrition and offer up some... Read More

Spotlight on inContact's Discover Workforce Optimization (WFO) Solution

For established organizations ranging from start-up to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in need of a solution to promote a customer-centric environment, we spotlight inContact’s Discover WFO suite. Discover is a fully... Read More

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If your organization has multiple centers to support 18-24 hour live service across all time zones, how do you schedule agents?

All agent schedule options are represented in all centers regardless of the centers’ time zone.
All agent schedule options are aligned with the centers daylight hours (i.e. an East coast center might schedule agents between 6am – 8pm EST).
A combination: all centers offer all schedule options for 18 of 24 hours and one location covers the 3rd shift.
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