The Top 3 Tips to Becoming a Profit Center
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The Top 3 Tips to Becoming a Profit Center

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Presenters: Justin Robbins, Sam Boonin, Kristine Chisholm


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We've done the research and uncovered what it takes to make the leap from cost center to profit center.

Revenue generating or not, most contact centers could be contributing a higher level of value to their organizations than they do today. In fact, over 60% of contact center leaders today believe that the rest of the organization perceives them as a cost center. This overwhelming perception of the contact center as a “necessary evil” is not just detrimental to the contact staff and its customers; it’s widely-held, incorrect logic.

The questions remain: Are all contact centers, revenue generating or not, capable of providing significant value to the organization? Is it possible for all contact centers to be profit centers? What are the mentalities, methodologies, and misconceptions that drive the perceived value of an organization’s contact center(s)?

We’ve asked the questions, done the research, and uncovered what it takes for today’s contact center to make the leap from cost center to profit center.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The immediate opportunities for your contact center to provide more value to the organization
  • The three fundamental characteristics of profit centers
  • The root cause of the cost center mentality and what you can do to change it
  • Key contact center metrics for measuring your impact as a profit center

Join us for this interactive and informative hour—complete with audience polls, case studies, best practices and live Q&A.


Justin Robbins

Content Director, HDI & ICMI

Justin Robbins is the Content Director at HDI & ICMI. He’s a customer service expert who’s coached thousands of individuals around the globe on contact center best practices. He’s a professional member of the National Speakers Association and has been featured by the New York Times, NBC Nightly News, Fox News and numerous other media outlets.

Sam Boonin

VP of Product & Platform Marketing, Zendesk

Sam leads a team that combines interaction design, product management, and analytics to improve the overall product experience at Zendesk. Sam has spearheaded the creation of the Zendesk Benchmark, which enables support teams to compare their key performance with their Zendesk customer peers across industries, countries, and sizes.

Prior to Zendesk, Sam was VP of Products and Marketing at GoodData, a leading SaaS business intelligence provider. Sam has spent the last fifteen years guiding innovative technologies to market in startups and big companies alike, through product leadership positions at Cisco, Blue Titan Software, AT&T, and Microsoft.

TWITTER: @samboonin

Kristine Chisolm

Kristine Chisholm

Customer Service/Training Administrator, ICMI

Kristine is Customer Service/Training Administrator for ICMI.  She assists with all aspects of the ICMI training business.

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