Overcoming Technology Challenges: Solutions for Any Size Contact Center
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Overcoming Technology Challenges: Solutions for Any Size Contact Center

Date Aired: September 5, 2013

Presenters: Todd Hixson, Lindsey Weems, Loyd Olson, Erica Strother Marois


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While the core fundamentals of contact center management have remained fairly consistent, the technology that we use, and the way we use that technology to meet the evolving needs of today’s connected customers has changed significantly.

The right tools and technology can simplify processes, increase agent and customer satisfaction, and improve overall operations. But with shrinking budgets, growing needs, and technology evolving so rapidly, how do you keep up? Selecting the right tools, getting executive buy-in, and then carrying out new processes can be a challenge.

Can you relate?

Whether your contact center is large or small, implementing new technology is never an easy task. Though the challenges may vary from center to center, they always exist. What are the biggest technological challenges facing contact centers today, and how can your contact center overcome these challenges? We’ll explore the pain points and discuss the solutions.

Hear from two ICMI community leaders, Lindsey Weems, a small contact center expert, and Todd Hixson, a seasoned veteran with larger customer service centers, as they explore the technology obstacles that today’s contact centers face.

During this webinar you will learn:

  1. The top 3 challenges contact centers must overcome when implementing new technology.

  2. Solutions for overcoming technology challenges in the contact center.

  3. New tools and technologies that contact centers of all sizes and industries can implement to improve efficiency and performance

We’ll also hear from USAN COO, Loyd Olson who will share information about their exciting new product, USAN Voice Suite, an all-in-one contact center solution in the cloud that provides call centers of any size with a modular and expandable set of communications and engagement capabilities that can be quickly deployed and scaled from smaller operations to highly customized enterprise implementations.


Todd Hixson

Contact Center Workforce Manager, Cabelas

Todd has been in contact center operations/management for more than 15 years, working for companies such as Travelocity and Intuit prior to joining Cabelas. During Todd’s career, he has driven back-office utilization of work force management practice, multiple channel skill based operations practices, and cross functional understanding via “a day in the life of operations” workshops.

Lindsey Weems

Contact Center Manager, Pepsi Bottling Ventures

Lindsey Weems is the contact center manager for Pepsi Bottling Ventures in North Carolina. She is an experienced multi-channel sales contact center manager who has managed sales operations spanning from investment products to consumer staples. With more than fifteen years of experience in the contact center industry, Lindsey got her start working for Fidelty Investments in Texas.

Loyd Olson

Chief Operating Officer, USAN

Loyd Olson is a 25-year veteran of sales, marketing and operations management for Fortune 500 and mid-tier software companies.  Loyd is responsible for delivering competitive, technically superior products and services to our customers. He also ensures that day to day operations are aligned with corporate objectives.  Before USAN, Loyd spent 10 years with Interactive Softworks as an equity partner and chief operating officer.

Erica Strother headshot

Erica Strother Marois

Community Specialist, ICMI

Erica Strother Marois is the Community Strategist at ICMI. With a background in marketing, public relations, and social media, she brings nearly ten years of community management experience to ICMI. Erica manages ICMI’s robust network of community contributors – 500 strong! She also hosts ICMI’s weekly tweet chats that feature dynamic, interactive discussions with thought leaders and innovators in our community. Erica produces our webinars and many other content initiatives like Contact Center Insider, our weekly newsletter. She also partners with vendors in the community to nuance their viewpoint on important topics. Lastly, Erica employs her creative viewpoint on community engagement at ICMI events – working with attendees to enhance their event experience and bring the ‘fun’ to attending an industry event. Erica is a connector of people – in any medium – and the contact center community is lucky to have her on their side!

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