Mastering Multilingual Support in the Contact Center
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Mastering Multilingual Support in the Contact Center

Date Aired: April 28, 2016

Presenters: Justin Robbins, Tom Tseki

Moderators: Erica Strother Marois


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Key findings from the 2016 ICMI research on Multilingual support

According to brand new research from ICMI and Lionbridge, the #1 way that contact centers provide service to customers that do not speak a language that they support is to "simply apologize that the language is not supported and attempt to handle in the agent's primary language."  This is neither sustainable nor acceptable considering the fact that over 50% of contact centers expect to see an increase in non-primary language contacts over the next three years.
Instead of offering apologies, contact center leaders need a solution that ensures they're able to support customers of all languages across all channels. Successfully executing on such an initiative requires an understanding of the people, process, and technology challenges that exist today in providing multilingual support and an exploration of the options available for overcoming these obstacles.
Attend this webinar to learn:

  1. Key findings from the 2016 ICMI research on multilingual support
  2. Effective strategies for implementing new languages of service in your contact center
  3. How language affects key metrics like Customer Satisfaction, First Contact Resolution, and others
  4. The opportunities that exist for organizations to be more accessible and intentional in their approach to providing omni-lingual support across any channel of service

Join us for this interactive and informative hour—complete with audience polls, case studies, best practices and live Q&A.


Justin Robbins

Community Director, ICMI

Justin Robbins is a contact center and talent development expert with over a decade of experience leading customer service organizations. He got his start in contact centers as a teenager doing cold-call outbound sales for newspaper subscriptions. Since then, he's moved from agent to senior leader, worked in and with inbound and outbound centers ranging in size from 5 to 2500+, and gained experience in a number of industries including hospitality, technology, manufacturing, and education. Most recently, Justin developed the training and professional certification programs for the International Customer Management Institute and has personally trained thousands of individuals around the globe on contact center best practices.

As ICMI’s Community Manager, he leads their research programs, content direction, and the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Program judging process. His infectious enthusiasm for the customer service industry has led him to be a writer, social enthusiast, and sought-after speaker on topics such as employee engagement, key performance indicators, and motivational business leadership.

You can reach Justin on-line at: | |

Tom Tseki, Lionbridge

Tom Tseki

VP & GM, Customer Care Solutions, Lionbridge

Tom Tseki is a contact center industry veteran. His experience and expertise include helping organizations implement and leverage omni-channel customer care strategies to improve CX, increase revenue, and gain contact center efficiencies.

Tom leads Lionbridge’s global customer care business unit and is responsible for sales, marketing and development of GeoFluent, the company’s real-time translation SaaS solution. By plugging into contact center’s existing communications platforms, GeoFluent eliminates language as a barrier between brands and consumers across the omni-channel.

Tom has a deep background in contact center technology as it relates to customer communication, analytics, and workforce optimization. Tom works closely with contact center and BPO leaders on strategies to improve care by reducing customer effort — leading to increased CSAT and NPS.

You can reach Tom on-line at: |  |

Erica Strother headshot

Erica Strother Marois

Community Specialist, ICMI

Erica Strother Marois is the Community Strategist at ICMI. With a background in marketing, public relations, and social media, she brings more than six years of community management experience to ICMI. Erica manages ICMI’s robust network of community contributors – 500 strong! She also hosts ICMI’s weekly tweet chats that feature dynamic, interactive discussions with thought leaders and innovators in our community. Erica produces our webinars and many other content initiatives like Contact Center Insider, our weekly newsletter. She also partners with vendors in the community to nuance their viewpoint on important topics. Lastly, Erica employs her creative viewpoint on community engagement at ICMI events – working with attendees to enhance their event experience and bring the ‘fun’ to attending an industry event. Erica is a connector of people – in any medium – and the contact center community is lucky to have her on their side!

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