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30th Anniversary Special Edition Content

6 Simple Rules for Optimizing Your Contact Center

Contact Center Expo & Conference is just one month away, and we want to help you connect with your peers, get inspired, and optimize your contact center. Over the last two weeks,... Read More

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Cross-Trained Agents

One of the fundamental questions that gets asked in the call center services procurement process is: will we have a dedicated team of agents or will they be shared? It’s a great... Read More

Want to Get Your Agents Obsessed with Service?

Announcing ICMI’s Next Book Club Selection--The Service Culture Handbook Every company wants employees who are obsessed with service and every contact center leader wishes for more productive and engaged agents. What’s the... Read More

Video: Tuesday Training Tip: Calibration Ground Rules

In our first Tuesday Training tip, we shared why calibration is a critical component of contact center quality programs. Today we're sharing six ground rules for the calibration process. Looking for more... Read More

What IS Customer Advocacy?

What is customer advocacy? What role does it play? We’ve been hearing that question a lot lately, and though the term is not new it seems to be enjoying renewed attention. If... Read More

16 Ways to Get Inspired in the Contact Center

When you think about your job, your office, your team, or your day-to-day duties, what words come to mind? If inspirational isn’t one of them, we’re here to help! We know the... Read More

Complain Like a Pro: Tips for Effective Communication with Customer Service

The results of 2015 Customer Rage Study show that consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with customer service in spite of the investments companies are making to improve customer satisfaction. Over 60% of the consumers interviewed... Read More

The True Cost of Contact Center Agent Attrition

Contact centers are losing much more money than they think from employee turnover - a helpful benchmark of employee engagement. It’s hard to imagine that attrition, already widely recognized as the bane... Read More

Video: Tuesday Training Tip #1: Why Calibration?

Welcome to the ICMI Tuesday Training Tip series! Each week we'll bring you a quick tip to help you optimize your contact center. To kick things off, we're focusing on calibration. Do... Read More

3 Metrics that Belong on Every Dashboard

There are moments in one’s career that are defining. For me, it was when Capital One announced the closure of our site in late July 2015. The decision to close the site... Read More

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