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30th Anniversary Special Edition Content

3 Ways to Ace Customer Service in an Omnichannel Era

Organizations are in a constant battle to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of customer expectations. Today, companies are constantly adapting and evolving to meet the new era of the empowered consumer... Read More

How to Use Social Media to Educate, Inform, and Empower Customers

An Interview with the 2017 ICMI Global Contact Center Award Winner for Best Social Media Customer Care “The idea of empowering agents to use live video chat to assist customers is positively... Read More

Three Lessons Every Omnichannel Support Team Needs to Know

The key to an effective omnichannel support strategy is access. Customers need access to the support team wherever they turn: social media, email, SMS, live chat, or phone. Access plays an important... Read More

Can Bad Writers Improve? If You Coach Them, Yes

I can picture you. It’s the end of a busy week and you’ve finally carved out an hour or so to do a quality check on the emails your agents send to... Read More

The Top 10 Customer Service Pet Peeves

Are you annoying your customers? Our #ICMIchat community shared their biggest customer service pet peeves. Find out which ones made the top 10 list. Looking for ways to banish the bad habits?... Read More

7 Deadly Sins of Social Customer Service

Social media is redefining the profile of what it means to be a high-value, high-risk customer. What was once a conversation between your rep, your customer, and the your monitoring systems is... Read More

Want to Delight Customers? Put Your People First

Learn More About DAT Solutions: 2017 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Winner for Best Small Contact Center “It’s evident this company considers employees as their greatest asset. It’s nice to see the... Read More

5 Reasons You Can (and Should) Trust Social Media Customer Care to Your Contact Center

When organizations look at social media as a communication channel with outbound elements (engagement related to brand building, marketing, and PR) and inbound elements (customer-generated support requests, information requests, and service issues),... Read More

Make Customer Experience a Differentiator-- Regardless of What Business You're In

We’ve all had at least one bad customer experience in our lifetime. If you’ve only had one – you’re among one of the very lucky few. Most of us have experienced the... Read More

12 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

Keeping employees motivated in an age of digital distractions and competing priorities is a challenge. This is especially true in the contact center. The work can feel monotonous, the calls are often... Read More

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