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Your Daily Reporting Regimen is Killing You

As a contact center manager, there is no shortage of KPIs and metrics that you need to always be on top of and managing. The process starts with compiling, processing, and converting... Read More

The Impact of Workforce Optimization on Marketing Campaigns

Workforce optimization solutions encompass communications recording, quality monitoring, speech analytics, eLearning, workforce management, and customer feedback. They turn contact centers into gold mines by taking raw information from customer interactions and turning... Read More

Ease the Pain of Calling a Contact Center

Does waiting on hold with an airline test your patience? Does navigating the cable company IVR drive you nuts? As a contact center leader, you know how difficult it is to design... Read More

Why Contact Centers Need Desktop Analytics

As customer interactions diversify into omni-channel communications including email, chat, video and social media, communications recording and analytics must do the same. In particular, desktop analytics in contact centers are indispensable for... Read More

Call it a sixth sense. Customers are savvy about security.

First, a story: It’s a typical Sunday afternoon, and Jane is headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items for the week. She completes her shopping and heads to... Read More

The Human Risk of Your Contact Center

Chances are you can reel off the top of your head examples of subpar experiences you’ve had with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. The most egregious of these customer service... Read More

Fully Automated Quality Monitoring for High Volume Contact Centers

The quality of customer service has become a driver of enterprise-wide success in a very competitive industry, yet improving agent skills has become costlier than ever before, especially for high-volume contact centers... Read More

Can Technology Mitigate Human Error and Improve Call Center Accuracy?

Think of your call center like a piano concert—there are three things necessary to create an amazing experience. You need a great instrument, a great composer or piece of music and a... Read More

Developing Content for Your Knowledge Base: Key Points

Knowledge bases are becoming very popular, both as internal tools for employees and as external tools for customers. But creating a knowledge base requires more than just purchasing the right piece of... Read More

Quality Monitoring: Using Technology to Your Advantage

Which factors create a “quality call?” Is it one where rules are followed, every disclosure is perfectly delivered, and all security measures are met? Or, is it one where the agent builds... Read More

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Does your contact center have a policy regarding allowing agents who wish to apply for internal company positions outside the contact center?

No, we don’t have a formal policy
Yes, agents must work in the contact center for at least 1 year before applying for other positions
Yes, agents must work in the contact center for at least 6 months before applying for other positions
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