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Using Technology for Easier Employee Onboarding

First, let’s face the elephant in the room—contact centers have a huge turnover rate, which leads to continuous hiring and training of new agents. As many contact center managers are aware, this... Read More

Call Center Predictions for 2017: Data Security and Compliance Will be a Top Priority

2016 was a record-setting year for data breaches in the United States. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), tracked data breaches increased by 40 percent in 2016, as more than... Read More

The Benefits of Messaging in a Contact Center Environment

A new window pops up on an agent’s screen saying “Extra pillows would be great”. It’s an incoming text message from a customer who is planning to check into one of the... Read More

Get Up to Speed on Bots in Customer Service

Preparing to use bots in your customer care organization? Confused about what a bot is and how one works? Is the robot army marching toward us? Maybe? Probably! As customer service professionals,... Read More

Tips for Staying Focused in an Always-On World

Smartphones, tablets and the proliferation of connected devices have all changed the way we work and live. Is this a blessing, or a curse? Brad Cleveland recently addressed this topic in a... Read More

Video: Thriving in an Always-On World

Being always it a blessing or a curse? Are we in charge, or are we slaves to our smartphones? In this TEDx talk, Brad Cleveland provides a fresh perspective on how... Read More

Call Centers on the Privacy Frontlines

The call center has always been a fast-paced environment. Running efficiently means optimizing staff time, getting new employees trained in a hurry, and maximizing every minute of the day. However, the world... Read More

Bold Predictions: Where the Contact Center Industry is Heading in 2017

As we all settle back in after the holidays and begin planning for a new year, consider not only what you have planned but what these Top 50 Thought Leaders predict will... Read More

Best of Breed Interactions

We’ve come a long way since the days of basic CTI, when businesses had to settle for telephony only and integration projects were complex and expensive.  For years we had to use... Read More

Making (Customer) Spirits Bright: How to Ensure Stellar Tech Support During the Holidays

The holidays often signal an influx in tech support queries for B2C companies—after all, what good is the new, flashy must-have tech gadget if it doesn’t work? An organization unprepared for this... Read More

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