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Cost-Per-Transaction Spreadsheet

Publisher: ICMI

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Use this simple spreadsheet to analyze your call center's operational costs.

Use this simple spreadsheet to analyze your call center's operational costs. Results provided include total annual and per transaction overhead costs, network expenses and labor costs, as well as your call center's overall cost-per- transaction. Suitable for presentation to senior management or your financial department, this spreadsheet can be customized for your call center. All calculations are documented. Includes links to additional resources.

Requires Microsoft Excel 95 or higher. This product is a new and improved version of ICMI's cost-per-transaction spreadsheet that was included on our Software Tools for Incoming Call Center Managers CD-ROM. If you own the new version of QueueView: A Staffing Calculator then you already have a copy of this spreadsheet.

Please note: Purchasing one copy of this Cost-Per-Transaction Spreadsheet grants you a license to use the spreadsheet on a single personal computer. You may have more than one personal computer, and you are welcome to use the spreadsheet on any computer you like--as long as there is no possibility of your copy being used on more than one computer at the same time. ICMI software is copyrighted to ICMI, Inc. Unauthorized use, duplication or distribution is prohibited.


When scheduling contact center representatives, do you offer consecutive days off?

Yes, we do it for employee morale purposes and understand that it may impact our service levels/customer experience.
Yes, if it does not affect our ability to meet service level and meet customer expectations.
Yes, we do it as a part of our reward and recognition program for our representatives.
No, we do not because of the negative impact on our ability to meet customer expectations and service level.
No, we do not for multiple other reasons.
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