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How Contact Centers Benefit Other Departments

Contact centers have enormous potential to provide other business units with valuable insight and support. This can include input on customers, products, services and processes—information that, when captured and used, can transform... Read More

Call it a sixth sense. Customers are savvy about security.

First, a story: It’s a typical Sunday afternoon, and Jane is headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items for the week. She completes her shopping and heads to... Read More

The Human Risk of Your Contact Center

Chances are you can reel off the top of your head examples of subpar experiences you’ve had with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. The most egregious of these customer service... Read More

The Role of the PCI DSS Standard in Protecting Your Customers

Contact centers today must comply with a plethora of requirements, government regulations and best practices to survive in a very competitive industry. So one is tempted to treat the PCI DSS standard... Read More

Three Keys to Driving Business Transformation

“To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind.” — Seneca Business transformation is a hot topic these days, but without the proper visibility... Read More

Does Employee Classification Matter to Customer Service?

As companies continue to look for ways to drive down operating costs one area that they’ve found savings is through employee classifications and outsourcing. This has significantly impacted contact centers, with a... Read More

Four Strategies to Improve Competitiveness, Compliance and Efficiency in the Contact Center

In today’s marketplace, there are a numerous obstacles that add costs and complexity to producing continuous customer satisfaction in the contact center. From handling the range of multi-channel customer interactions to increased... Read More

How Do I Know When I Need a Contact Center?

I am often asked by small business owners “how do I know when I need a contact center?” Here is my advice . . . The size of your company is not... Read More

Achieving Success with ICMI's Online Training Pass

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Over the past 1.5 years, Tricia Kissinger, Customer Care Manager at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, has led the contact center in growing to 30 account representatives (from 12),... Read More

Dispelling the 3 Most Common Myths of Contact Center Operations

These alleged “business truths” actually hurt operator morale, productivity and effectiveness Apple’s prelaunch campaign for its Apple Watch is the latest example of how the contact center is evolving to address attempts... Read More

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If you cross-train your representatives to handle multiple contact types and/or channels, what impact do you see on productivity and quality when you periodically rotate them through channels?

Productivity decreases
Quality decreases
Productivity and quality decrease
No impact on quality or productivity
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