Customer Experience Management in Action! Insight to Differentiate YOUR Company & Contact Center
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Customer Experience Management in Action! Insight to Differentiate YOUR Company & Contact Center

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Today, customer experience management (CXM) is no longer a luxury; rather CXM is a competitive necessity. In fact, customer experience programs can optimize an organization’s customer service, provide valuable competitive data, and give a brand the competitive edge to create a more loyal customer base.

This ICMI research report takes a complex view into the world of customer experience management.

Through the participation of numerous contact center professionals, we gained valuable insight into the world of Customer Experience Management. This new research, along with other current ICMI data, will provide contact center professionals the ingredients they need to create or refine their customer experience management culture in 2014. To be competitive, organizations must realize the tight correlation between customer engagement, loyalty and customer experience.

Eighty-one percent (81%) report their organization recognizes correlations between the customer experience and loyalty.

Purchase this report and best practices guide to gain detailed statistics on these key findings:

  • The composition of customer experience management
  • The charactericstics of successful CXM programs
  • CXM "Hot Buttons" vary by verticals
  • Measuring customer experience

This research report not only provides comprehensive insight from the perspective of the overall
contact center, but also comparisons from four specific verticals:

  • Financial Services (Banking and Insurance)
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

Bonus Inclusion: This report also includes ICMI Expert Spotlight accompaniments that provide advice on two key aspects of customer experience management -Turning CXM Measurement into Action and Customer Experience: A Cross-Functional Responsibility.


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By what quality monitoring criteria do you measure an agent's ability to build rapport with a customer?

Agents are required to use the customer's name a minimum number of times during the contact
Agents are encouraged to use the customer's name however and whenever appropriate during the contact
An agent's ability to build rapport with a customer is measured by another criteria that is unrelated to name usage
Our quality monitoring criteria does not measure an agents ability to build rapport with a customer
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