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Call Center Agent Annual Review/Performance Evaluation Samples

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Jun 08, 2012

Does anyone know the best place to find employee review forms/apprasial forms for call centers, or is willing to send me samples of their current forms? We are working on upgrading the current forms we use because they are based on company-wide rather than call center-specific criteria.

Sherry Reynolds


  • Bob Cowen Posted at 7:37AM on Dec 28, 2012

    Sherry: glad to see that you're going to use call center specific forms rather than corporate wide. The other component that I suggest you customize is to abandon annual reviews in favor of monthly mini-reviews. The same (or more frequent) schedule should apply to rewards and incentives. The key components to remember: reward the daily homework, make work fun, pay immediately and provide incentives that are valued in the eyes of the recipient.

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