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Shrinkage Calculations for the Call Center

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Jun 07, 2011

What's the formula for calculating shrinkage for the call center's phone channel?


  • Christina D'Airo Posted at 7:40AM on Feb 28, 2012

    Hello there! Excellent question, and also a very popular one. I would like to direct you to the answers from a previous question on shrinkage. Hopefully these answers are helpful: http://www.icmi.com/Resources/QueueTips/2005/March/Industry-Standard-Call-Center-Shrinkage

  • Siraj Hassan Posted at 1:59PM on Mar 1, 2012

    Shrinkage% = (1-(Total staffed hours/Total scheduled hours. Total Staffed hours = (total answered calls*AHT)+ Avail time + productive aux Total scheduled hours = Total agent hours roustered for the day/week/month. Hope this helps

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