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Number of Calls Monitored per Agent

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Dec 14, 2009

Is there an industry standard for the ratio of calls that should be monitored per call center agent?

caroline scott


  • Loren Mathis Posted at 7:35AM on Apr 10, 2012

    I'm trying to get this data too.. Our company does 2 per agent per month (which I feel is incredibly low) with an average calls per day of ~40. My former company did two per agent per week with an average calls per day of ~25.

  • Linda Monsalve Posted at 2:46PM on Apr 13, 2012

    In our call center our supervisors are required to monitor 10 calls per CSR every month. As a Trainer, I am required to do 8 hours of monitoring every month.

  • Marnee Downing Posted at 7:24AM on Apr 19, 2012

    If the purpose of monitoring is to assess the quality of the agent’s customer interactions, and is included in their performance metrics, then you need to determine the sample size needed for the review period and work your way backwards to how many weekly or monthly. Using the example of 40 calls per a day for 240 work days (260 days less 10 days’ vacation, 5 holidays and 5 sick days) is an average of 9,600 calls. If the goal is to be 90% confident that the evaluated calls are a true reflection of the agent’s work, 369 calls would need to be monitored, 31 monthly. 85% confident drops that to 95 annually or 8 monthly. There are several calculators on line to help determine a realistic sample size. Of course there is the issue of resources – are the calls being evaluated by the supervisor? What other tasks does the supervisor need to perform? Depending on how long the calls are, and the size of the team, 10 per agent weekly can add up fast, a team of 10 agents with an AHT of 5 minutes will take more than a full day each week; an AHT of 2 minutes is half a day. Finding the right balance of calls to monitor helps to avoid an agent feeling like one poor call has ruined their score for the year, or conversely due to the volume of calls being evaluated as though the agents are not trusted.

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